What is integrated marketing?


Integrated marketing? According to one source it's an approach to marketing invented by an Australian. According to Wikipedia, it originated in the USA, but in reality is it anything more than stating the obvious?

The case for cloud based contact centres

Cloud-contact-centres-come-out-tops-againThe movement of contact centres to the cloud is set to turn into a stampede: 71 percent of UK contact centre decision makers in a recent survey said they were actively considering such a move or were more open to adopting cloud technology.

Telstra CEO's take on customer focus


Reporting recently on an interview with Telstra CEO, David Thodey, the Australian Financial Review pointed out that, in his five years as head of the company, Telstra's market capitalisation had doubled to $66 billion and the company's shares were at a nine-year high.

Get smart about smart process apps

Blink and there's another new buzz phrase in enterprise IT; another category of applications designed to fill a perceived gap in the capabilities of the present plethora of products. Welcome to the world of 'smart process applications'.

Why voice and online need to be integrated


Long gone are the days when voice was the sole means of company-customer contact. Voice has been supplemented with - and in some cases supplanted by - email, web chat, social media. ‘Call centres’ have morphed into ‘contact centres’, but are we underestimating the importance of voice contact and in particular how customers combine voice communication with other channels.

From call centre to customer experience centre

Once upon a time the organisational unit responsible for customer interactions was the call centre. That was when the telephone was the only means of customer communication other than snail-mail. With the proliferation of customer interaction technologies the call centre has morphed into the contact centre, but today, it seems, even that term is no longer adequate.

Good customer experience produces satisfied customers

Did you know that 86 percent of your customers could stop doing business with you because of a single bad customer service experience? Or that 60 percent of customers would be happy to pay your more if you gave them a better customer experience?

Hello customer service, this is the washing machine calling!

We are, the pundits tell us, on the cusp of a new era that of ‘The Internet of Things’, or as networking giant Cisco likes to say, “The Internet of Everything”. The predictions are that, by 2020, there will be some 30 billion connected devices on the planet, and yes that includes washing machines.

Customer engagement needs a multipronged approach

“Engaged customers are usually better advocates of the brand and are more loyal and more profitable,” says research firm Gartner. That’s hardly rocket science. However achieving high levels of engagement is quite a challenge, and it needs company-wide engagement, according to Gartner.

How to improve customers’ contact centre experience

Did you know that waiting on hold and not being able to get through to an agent are the single most common complaints made about contact centres - according to a recent survey of contact centre customers by Choice magazine?

New privacy laws: the enforcer speaks

The Office of The Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) is the Government body responsible for administering and enforcing the new privacy legislation that came into effect on 12 March. It has provided details of how it intends to carry out its enforcement role.

To satisfy customers, be consistent

to-satisfy-customers-be-consistent.jpgMcKinsey & Co has a very interesting calculation in a recent article on customer service. If there are six steps in your customer journey - the example it uses is somebody signing up for a pay TV service to the point of getting their first bill - and the satisfaction rate for each interaction is 95 percent then 25 percent of your customers will be dissatisfied with the process overall. Scary eh?

Aussie contact centres heading for the clouds

Research firm Frost & Sullivan says momentum in Australia’s contact centre applications market is shifting towards hosted and cloud-based solutions as vendors of on-premise systems struggle.

Customer loyalty needs more than just good service

pre411-409-customer-loyalty-needs-more-than-just-good-service.jpgYou might link that if you really serve you customers well they will remain loyal. Not so, argues software company Verint. It requires a consistent, systematic and focussed approach directed specifically to that end.

Customer Experience: it’s the journey that counts

Companies have long emphasised the importance of touchpoints—the many occasions when customers interact with an organisation on their way to purchase, and after - when striving for a good customer experience. This Harvard Business Review article argues that a focus on delivering an optimal experience at these touchpoints overlooks the bigger and more important picture: the customer’s end-to-end journey.

Clearing cloud centre confusion

There’s been much talk of late, some in this column, about the merits of ‘cloud-based’ contact centres versus on-premise contact centres, but there are actually several alternatives to on-premise contact centre facilities, and not all are equal. So let’s clear up the confusion.

Plenty of pitfalls in new privacy legislation

On 14 March amendments to the Privacy Act 1988 come into force that greatly increase the responsibilities placed on all businesses for the treatment and disclosure of personal information of their customers and prospective customers. Here are some of the most important ones from the point of view of contact centre operators.

Why Customer Relationship Management is not enough

A new white paper from United Business Media argues that CRM applications alone are insufficient for achieving great customer relationships. “They lack important functionality, don’t include all necessary data, and may not inherently differentiate a company’s ability to understand and delight its customers.”