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Xcell Group Selects LetoERP

XCell Group Selects Leading Web based LetoERP for their Dubai and Oman Operations

10 Popular Open Source Ecommerce Shopping Carts For Your Business – Which One Do You Prefer ?

The moment you have decided to run an online site for selling products/services, you immediately have to choose ecommerce platform. So, in this post, we have discussed some of the best ecommerce platform that helps to make the biggest decision– Which platform should I use?

5 Straightforward Ways to Face Your Dissatisfied Customers

One of the major challenges e-commerce salesperson are facing is dealing with dissatisfied customers. It is one of the most hectic things for salesperson to face dissatisfied customers as they are in angry mood. In this blog, I have listed 5 simple ways to face your dissatisfied customers.

The real benefits of B&B Easy Booking Software

The advancement of technology has enhanced the businesses and hospitality industry has exploited it with aplomb with the help of software. A lot of people like to reserve accommodation using online services and B&B Easy Booking Software provides an edge to bed and breakfast business to create a better customer base.

Maribyrnong City Council Selects Civica for IT and Service Transformation Program

Civica, an international market leader in specialist systems and business process services, today announced that it has been selected by Maribyrnong City Council to help sustain the council’s ongoing IT business transformation in support of providing best practice services to its diverse community.

The Transformation of B2B Commerce and its Implications for Business

B2B commerce is changing the face of business and is now leveraging the online world for attracting more business prospects. Businesses are redefining their marketing strategy and organizational processes to incorporate the change within the B2B world.

Resolve Lifts DRSL into the Cloud

Dispute Resolution Services Ltd (DRSL) is partnering with software developer Resolve Software Group (Resolve) to implement a business‐critical hosted Dynamic Case Management (DCM) solution. The solution will provide end-to-end management of disputes between organisations and the people with whom they come into contact.