12 Basic "Mobo" Parts

In the Philippines, an assessment is available to test skills in Computer Hardware Servicing - the NCII exam. "The COMPUTER HARDWARE SERVICING NC II Qualification consists of competencies that must possess to enable to diagnose and troubleshoot problems in personal computer systems, software, replace parts and get the system back to normal operation." (

Lisbon International Airport first to trial European Commission Smart Borders Program, using Vision-Box® technology

Portugal was the first country in Europe to launch a trial of the European Commission Smart Borders, a pilot program studying the Entry/Exit control procedures of Third Country Nationals into the Schengen Area through Automated and Manual Border Control Check Points at airports, land, and sea borders.

Selecting a VoIP Provider

How to pick the top VOIP Provider What comes first? The hardware, software or the provider? Choose the best provider and the chances are good, you will get top hardware, software and services.

New LiteManager 4.6 - remote support and classroom management

The new version of the LiteManager 4.6.2 with Linux and Mac OS support and the screen sharing mode is a one-stop solution for providing remote support to users, administrating computers and organizing the learning process in computer classes.

CA Software Israel Ltd and Ness Israel Enter into Strategic Partnership to Better Serve Israeli Market

CA Software Israel Ltd and Ness Israel, a leader in information systems in Israel, have entered into a long-term strategic partnership, whereby Ness will establish a new division in NessPRO (Ness software distribution group) dedicated to representing CA in Israel.

In-House ezPaycheck Software Gives New Business Owners A New Move Data Feature

Processing payroll in-house with ezPaycheck 2015 software gives customers a new move data feature when switching offices and is the best route for small business owners to process less expensively.

ClickInstall 4.0 Builds Mac Software Installers with User Options

ClickInstall 4 creates a software installer for Mac OS X that adds user choice and options during the install process. Optional features can install on demand from Internet. Enhancements include FTP to website, pre and post install notes and automation.

Autosofted.Com Recently Announced the Release of Simple No-Cost File Management Tools

Autosofted released three new tools that can be used by anyone in order to manage the files on their computers.

Silicon Publishing Integrates Adobe Experience Manager and InDesign Server in New Ways

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), and Adobe InDesign Server (IDS) are keystones of the Marketing Cloud and Creative Cloud, both with solid enterprise user bases. AEM is fast becoming the system of choice for web content management among large organizations, while for over a decade, IDS has been the leading composition engine for online editing solutions and document automation. Silicon Publishing, an Adobe partner for more than 15 years, continues integrating these two products in innovative and market-leading ways.

3M Cloud Library Enhances Discoverability for Readers and Releases New Tools for Librarians

As digital offerings grow in popularity for libraries, patrons need easy-to-use tools that help them take advantage of the world of eBooks.