Asset Management Software - the use of Mobile Devices

Mobile devices are commonly used with Enterprise Asset Management Software (EAM) due to their portability. Weighing less than laptops, mobile devices are also more rugged than laptops computers and also incorporate several features that work well in combination with Asset management Software.

Melbourne Water’s journey to enterprise mobility

Melbourne-Water-s-journey-to-enterprise-mobilityMelbourne Water is midway through a multi-year journey to equip its field workforce with mobile technologies to boost operational efficiency. It detailed progress to date and plans for the future at the recent Field Service Management conference in Sydney.

Beware of mighty mobile malware

Beware-of-mighty-mobile-malwareAs the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend gathers momentum so do concerns about the security implications. The good news, according to network software vendor Nominum, is that data theft directly attributed to end-user mobile devices still represents the minority of cases. The bad news is that the bad guys are starting to recognise, and exploit, the unique capabilities of mobile malware.

On the road to a mobilised Australian Government

The Australian Government has released a roadmap for the widespread adoption of mobile technology throughout the Australian Public Service. The aim is to generate benefits on two distinct fronts: improving operational efficiency and staff mobility for government agencies; improving communication and engagement with Australian citizens.

Customer experience is the top priority for field service

Customer-ServiceThere’s a new mantra pervading business: ‘deliver the optimal customer experience’. It’s hardly surprising then that customer experience has been cited as one of the top priorities, along with customer retention, among companies that operate field-based workforces.