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Global Alliance Partners (GAP) grows wealth beyond Barcelona to Bangkok

Global Alliance Partners (GAP) gears for its Investment Conference in Bangkok, Thailand this coming 30-31 May 2019, strengthened by the last one held in Barcelona, Spain as hosted by GVC Gaesco, which also most fittingly rolled out an impressive 10th year anniversary celebration for GAP.


All Partner Firms were present as Ms. Ma Angels Vallve Ribera, Chairperson of GVC Gaesco, seized the occasion to showcase their expertise and their newly launched funds.

"We believe in people," Mr. Bernard Pouliot said. "We bring together owner-driven investment banks, securities brokers, research houses, financial advisors and wealth and fund managers, who wish to provide their clients with smooth international access to the world's financial markets," he explained.

Mr. Pouliot is the Chairman and Executive Director of Global Alliance Partners.

About Global Alliance Partners (GAP) 
Global Alliance Partners is a network organization of international-minded financial partners focusing on the capital midmarket. GAP provides its client base with local service and expertise, coupled with international reach and access in private equity, corporate fund raising, stock broking, and fund management.

Global Alliance Partners bridges the gap between investment opportunities in the leading, emerging, or frontier markets, and the key sources of investment risk capital.

About GVC Gaesco
GVC Gaesco offers a large group of products and services in Wealth Management and Private Banking, Brokerage and Custody, Corporate Finance and Capital Markets, Research and Insurance Brokerage. It is CNMV Registered Entity under number 182.

Member of Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Lisbon and Frankfurt Stock Exchanges. MEFF, AIAF, Iberclear and Euroclear custodian and clearing Member.

Entity Delegated by the Bank of Spain. MAB and MARF Registered Advisor.

Founding partner and member of the European Securities Network (ESN).

About Country Group Securities
Country Group Securities PCL is a leading, full-service securities brokerage firm in Thailand. It also engages in securities underwriting, investment advisory, stock borrowing and lending, derivative warrants, private wealth and acts as a selling agent for the majority of Thailand's asset management firms.

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