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B2B lead generation company challenges lowest rates and best quality

Just to summarize about DesignEdge Marketing Services - They are a B2B Lead & Demand Generation company, generating 4000+ leads per month while working with media agencies and product companies around the globe to fill up their sales funnel right from the top to the bottom.

DesignEdge Marketing Services has been promoting products of companies like IBM, Dell, HP, Adobe, Microsoft, SAP, 8x8, Oracle, Salesforce and many more. All these campaigns come to them through a variety of our media companies that they have tied up with since the inception just like other esteemed organisations

Below mentioned is their target audience reach and the methods used:

Industry reach: They can reach out to your prospects from all industry verticals and all employee sizes.

Marketing Methods used: Tele-Marketing (Globally) and Email Marketing (Globally).

Quality Process: Each lead scored by their agents will be audited by his/her reporting manager and the passed on to the Quality team who will then audit the lead once again before sending the lead to you.

You can get the pricing for Lead Generation for your organisation by clicking on  : Make an Inquiry about this news 

Technologies marketed in the past:

  • Business Internet Access
  • ERP
  • SAP
  • Anti-Virus Solution
  • Lead Response Tool
  • GPS
  • Cloud Computing
  • Mobile Banking Solution
  • Web hosting, Application Services
  • Data-Centre Management and many more.

 You can get the pricing for Lead Generation for your organisation by clicking on  : Make an Inquiry about this news 

The prices below are just a glimpse of pricing for various marketing methods done at DesignEdge Marketing Services : -

  • Content Syndication (Telemarketing) - Starts from $9 per lead
  • Content Syndication (Email Marketing) - Starts from $7 per lead
  • Content Syndication (with custom questions) - Starts from $13 per lead
  • Human Verified Leads - Starts from $0.5 per verified contact
  • BANT Qualified Leads - Starts from $45 per lead
  • Appointment Generation - Starts from $90 per appointment (not depending on conversion)

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