Illumio extends Zero Trust to the Endpoint

Illumio, the leading provider of micro-segmentation, today announced Illumio Edge, a first-of-its kind Zero Trust endpoint protection solution that dramatically reduces the risk of ransomware and malware propagating laterally throughout an organisation. Fully managed in the cloud, customers can enable this new offering either via a lightweight Illumio agent or, through a partnership with CrowdStrike® Inc. (Nasdaq: CRWD), via an existing CrowdStrike Falcon agent. By making every endpoint a Zero Trust endpoint, organisations can better secure users as they now work from anywhere.

Mobile adware is up 38% on Android devices

Researchers at antivirus and privacy giants Avast have discovered that adware on Android devices has risen by 38 percent in the last year, and now accounts for 72 percent of mobile malware.