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Why is my mac so slow and how can I speed it up

Wondering why is my mac so slow? Here's everything you always wanted to know about why a mac slows down over time and what you can do to speed up mac.

Macs, like other computers, are destined to fall prey to aging. This can really be annoying, especially, when you have so much to do in a limited time. Thankfully, Mac cleaning and optimizing is not a tricky task. Only some maintenance tweaks and you will never have to ask again why is my mac so slow Make an Inquiry about this news and how you can speed up mac Make an Inquiry about this news.

Let’s take a look all the resons behind you wondering why is my mac so slow and the solutions you can use to speed up Mac.

Free up Your Desktop:

A heavy desktop can be a huge reason of the queries such as why is my Mac running so slow. It’s because every item on the desktop consumes system memory. On the contrary, fewer items mean better speed of your MacBook running slow.

It’s better to keep your desktop clean and light, with fewer items that are really important. Delete all the files and apps that you think are unnecessary for the main screen. Move the rest to relevant folders and give a name to these folders so that you can easily locate your files and apps whenever you want it.

Reduce Login Item Number:

Too many login items can also be the cause of an iMac running slow. Login items are those that launch simultaneously when your Mac starts. The more items that load on startup, the longer your Mac will take time to start up.

To improve your Mac’s booting, the best move is to kill all unwanted login items. All you need to do is head to System Preferences > Users & Groups > Login Items tab.  Select all unnecessary login items from the given list and click the – button at the bottom to remove them. Once you restart your system, your MacBook running slow previously has transformed into a fast computer.

Improve System’s RAM

Another reason why these days you’re having queries like why is my Mac so slow all of a sudden is that you’re out of RAM. When that happens, Macs start using virtual memory which relies mainly on hard drives to store all the info and can be horribly slow. In order to check how much of your RAM is being used, head to the Activity Monitor > System Memory tab and take a look at the pie chart. If it’s mostly red or orange, you’re sure going to ask why is my Mac running so slow soon if it’s not the case right now.

To get rid of that and speed up slow Mac, you can clean up RAM. Here’s how:

  1. 1.    Go to Terminal: ~/Applications/Utilities
  2. 2.    Enter Purge and press Enter
  3. 3.    Wait until your Mac finishes the process

Besides this, you can also close the unnecessary apps that are running in the background and relaunch the rest. Cleaning up RAM is a great way to improve Mac performance and ensure that you don’t have to experience a why is my Mac running so slow type problem again.

Clean up Mac’s Hard Drive

All those old files and folders that you don’t remember when you last used them occupy much space on your Mac’s hard drive and can be a huge cause of an iMac running slow.

However, you can fix this by deleting the removing unnecessary files, folders, apps, etc. from your Mac. In case a file is important but you don’t use it often, you should move it to an external hard drive. Besides, empty the trash bins of your system, iMovie, iPhoto and Mail. Doing so will resolve much of your performance-sapping issues such as why is my Mac so slow.

Use Mac Optimizer Pro

If you’re one of those who don’t have enough time to optimize your Mac manually, using the best Mac cleaning app, Mac Optimizer Pro is the best move to do all the tasks in a matter of minutes. The software is an all-in-one suite that handles all cleaning and optimizing under one roof so that you won’t have to worry about why is my mac running slow Make an Inquiry about this news.

The Bottom Line

No need to worry again for you Mac speed! These easy Mac tricks will help you speed up slow Mac and boost its performance. And if you want to save time and optimize your computer in a more efficient manner, you can use Mac Optimizer Pro to do it for you and help you get rid of all Mac performance-sapping issues like why is my Mac slow.

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