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Why is my mac so slow and how can I speed it up

Your Mac is taking ages to load, leaving you to wonder why is my mac so slow? That beach ball on your Mac shows up every time you open an app or stream a video? Fret not! Even the best of machines fall prey to slow down over years of use.

Macs are, generally, speedy computers but they, too, fall prey to aging like other machinery. Thankfully, speeding up Mac is not a rocket science. You can either perform some cleaning and maintenance tweaks manually or take help of the best mac cleaner to tackle all performance-sapping issues that are forcing you to ask why is my mac so slow.

Mac Optimizer Pro, the best mac cleaner, is designed to clean up and speed up Mac by fixing multiple issues single-handedly so as to make it convenient for users to improve their Mac performance in minutes.

Why is my mac so slow and how to fix it

1. Your macOS is outdated

If your macOS is outdated, it cannot tackle problems accompanied by the updated apps and programs. Similarly, if the apps installed on your system are outdated they can be full of bugs and issues that can make you wonder why is my mac so slow.

Solution: Update the macOS

Make sure your macOS is updated to the latest version. To do this, head to the Apple icon > “About this Mac” option and check whether your Mac is running on the latest version. Apart from this, update all the apps to the latest available versions to make them more efficient.


2. Too many login items

One of the biggest reasons for why is my mac so slow is that its start is heavy and slow. This happens due to login or startup items, the apps, and the programs that run immediately when you turn on your Mac. The more these items, the slower your Mac boots.

Solution: Kill the login items

Here’s how you can disable the heavy, unwanted login items that launch simultaneously with your Mac’s startup:

  • Open System Preferences > Users & Groups > username
  • Head to the “Login Items” tab and choose the apps you want to disable
  • Click on the “-“ button below

You can save hours of efforts by using the best Mac cleaner to speed up your Mac startup as well as fix other issues. Worried about why is my mac so slow? The best mac cleaner can handle everything single-handedly to optimize and speed up Mac in minutes.

3. Your desktop is cluttered

The items kept on the desktop take up system memory. If your desktop is filled with files, folders, and apps, you’re sure to run into issues like why is my mac so slow.

Solution: Clear up your desktop

Make your desktop clutter-free to speed up Mac. Remove unwanted apps and files from your desktop or shift them to compressed folders if they can be of any use in the future.

4. Your Hard disk is full

If you have heavy files like movies, games, and videos stored on your Mac, your hard disk will soon get full, leaving little free space to let it perform seamlessly.

Solution: Free up your hard drive

It’s recommended to lighten your hard drive. Find and remove all unnecessary files from your Mac. Besides, empty the Trash cans of your system as well as apps like Mail, iMovie, iPhoto.

For novice users who feel shy about making these fixes by themselves, Mac Optimizer Pro, the best mac cleaner, can prove to be a powerful tool to clean up and speed up Mac by fixing issues like why is my mac so slow. The best mac cleaner is very efficient in fighting against multiple speed issues like old and junk cache files, internet clutter, error messages, app freezing, unresponsive web browsers, system hang, slow Mac startup, and much more. Download the best mac cleaner today to fine-tune and optimize Mac in a matter of minutes.

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