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Machine Learning plan for the Web Developers

Being a web developer, you might have thrived deepest wish to learn the machine course, at least once. Artificial intelligence solutions have made progressive evolution in recent days.

Being a web developer, you might have thrived deepest wish to learn the machine course, at least once. And it’s not unusual, because of the pace with which artificial intelligence programminghas been taking over the modern day world.

In a more specific way, machine learning is a complex branch of computer science where the computer interprets data by itself without even being programmed to do so. 


It’s a general doubt- why should a web developer or programmer to learn machine learning? Widely speaking, when a web developer wants to be more versatile and expands his or her bounds especially in the backend, machine learning seems to be by far the most appropriate topic to learn parallel to their major.

A full-stack developer can enhance his effectiveness by enriching himself with knowledge of artificial intelligence development.


Machine learning is gaining craze and momentum in the modern day world. Robotics, computer vision and other automated vehicles all come under the wide fold of Machine learning.

Machine learning roadmap starts with one principal division- Supervised machine learning and unsupervised machine learning.

Supervised machine learning is a protocol where you design and train your prototype, thereby building a direct relationship in between you two. It ensures better future output.

On the other hand, unsupervised machine learning refers to the process where there is no scope for mutual understanding. Your prototype would be fed with algorithm inputs, which the former has to interpret and crack the pattern as best as it could.


The primitive, yet the most confusing part for a programmer or web developer- How to start artificial intelligence programming and machine learning course. There will be ample of examples of programmers who tried a textbook, tried MOOC, blog posts or kaggle.

But without an organized approach, all of their initiatives went down in vague! The best to start with is through a visual class like online audio-video lectures or simply YouTube videos. If a web developer or programmer, however expert he or she is, tries to start venturing the machine learning courses with books or technical blogs, they are sure to get confused due to complex algorithms and math calculations.

Start firmly but gradually!


No knowledge is a complete waste if you can learn it all by heart! Artificial intelligence solutions are one of the most profound examples. Most of the professional web developers, software engineers, and programmers aim to get machine learning experience to be a versatile and more expert developer.

Knowledge of website, coding along with artificial intelligence development can eventually incorporate you the talents necessary to become a data scientist. With more qualifications, doors get opened for various opportunities.


It’s really hard for even for an expert web developer to learn a completely different major from scratch- it may take months! To start with, we can be smart in our approach. It’s really annoying and tough to learn and memorize new sets of algorithms and extremely complicated language like Python.

Then why not start into ML through JavaScript? Sounds familiar? The web developer has experience in JavaScript which in turn has relevancy to some extent with the ML course.

The advantages of starting with JavaScript for ML courses are that it has popularity in both the fields. Moreover, it contains all sets of libraries that are required in the majority of the Machine Learning course- math is math.js, data analysis in d3.js, server in node.js, and performance in tensorflow.js.


Another aspect that ensures risk-free, time-saving, cost-friendly way of getting into Machine learning course is MLaaS or Machine learning as a service. This modified form of ML captures the essential aspects only which are a collective part of cloud computing services.

So, it will benefit you professionally even without going deep down into the course. This includes model training, data pre-processing, model training, model evaluation etc.


There are numerous companies out there which offer MLaaS to Web developers and Programmers. These companies set their own pricing and modify the course as per their policies.

Some of the most promising companies offering this course are as below:

  • AMAZON MACHINE LEARNING: Amazon always stands out as one of the best companies to provide ML courses for the web developers. They allow them to built simple applications using easy APIs which has exclusive fraud detection mechanism, targeted marketing, click prediction- all of which are necessary for a complete data analysis. They connect scratches of ML courses and incorporate them conveniently to the prevalent course for web developers and programmers.
  • AZURE ML WEB APP TEMPLATES: Owned by Azure Marketplace, these custom web development app templates are designed and released in a way that can interpret your web service’s input data and process the output in an expected way. Just give it access to your data and web service and leave the rest to it. They principally have two templates- AZURE ML REQUEST-RESPONSE SERVICE WEB APP TEMPLATE & AZURE ML BATCH EXECUTION SERVICE WEB APP TEMPLATE.
  • GOOGLE CLOUD BASED APIs: It’s not astonishing to know that a massive platform like Google will also help in contributing to machine learning services. They have pre-trained models and also provide an opportunity to generate your own custom model. Google’s Cloud AutoML is a well round platform for the developers enabling them to get a complete structural and functional base in MLaaS.


Artificial intelligence solutions have made progressive evolution in recent days. With constantly changing mechanical aspects and principles of automation, programmers and developers are expressing their desire to learn this hybrid course alongside their major.

The above mentioned are just a guideline to show them the best way out!

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