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Top ways Artificial Intelligence will completely transform business

From last many year well-established web development companies are no longer restricting themselves to just designing and developing websites in traditional ways.

In the last few years, well-established web development companies are no longer restricting themselves to just designing and developing websites in traditional ways. They are now implementing AI programming software in their programming and the way they develop software.


The reason being in the last few years there had been significant progress in the sector of Artificial Intelligence development and studies have shown most business, organizations are moving towards utilizing the Artificial Intelligence solutions for their projects. With the advances that have already been made in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) this year it is all set to skyrocket and several industries are all amped up to use the technology. 

With AI technology, several companies are looking forward to gaining better insights into their businesses along with improved connectivity with their customers so that they can make informed decisions and strategic planning.

Researches have been conducted on AI technology and how it will impact and transform the businesses in the coming years and it has revealed that AI technology is the top strategic initiative for 2019. Furthermore, research firm IDC predicted that by 2021 AI informed technology app will be used across all the enterprise applications and will garner revenue of $52 billion globally. 

As a result, many web development company will focus on developing AI programming software. It has been predicted by IDC along with Forrester and Garter that AI technology will be used extensively in businesses in this and the coming years.

Here are the top 8 ways that Artificial Intelligence will completely transform businesses in this year

Ways AI will Transform Businesses Completely

1. Efficient Business Analytics:

In businesses interpreting and analyzing vast data is often a challenge. With Artificial Intelligence development, this problem can be eradicated.

AI can analyze those data and enable companies to get insights based on which they can take action.

2. Fast and Efficient Customer Service:

AI technology will enable better and scalable customer service, which has been quite an expensive department for most companies. With AI companies can provide personalized services to their customers in human-voice that is automated irrespective of time zone and languages.

3. Share HR Responsibilities:

With AI technology HR departments can reduce working on mundane tasks and rather focus on providing emotional support, empathy and better employee satisfaction to create a healthier workforce. The AI software developed specifically for HR will also be able to track the activities of the workers, stress and help HR to address the concern of the employees.

4. Personalized Marketing and Advertising:

An Artificial Intelligence solution is capable of reaching the target audience and treats them individually according to the preference of the customer. The use of AI in such a manner will ensure better conversion rates, insights into the behavior of the consumer and their engagement with the business.

5. Prevent Fraudulent Activities:

Image object and facial recognition helped by AI technology will increase the security of an organization. Also, imaging done with the AI can provide insight into the medical condition of people

6. ‘The Edge’:

With the Internet of Things (IoT) companies will start gathering information at ‘the edge’ that is at or near the data source instead of the data center.

7. Enterprise Mobility:

This being the future of the business no longer people have to be present in a particular place for working, rather employers can give the employees to work from any location. This will ensure productivity and efficiency.

8. Increased Efficiency at Lower Cost:

With the rise of AI the margin for the error made by the companies are less thereby increasing productivity. Many companies are using AI technology to mitigate the risks while creating efficiency and precision at lower cost by reducing human labor.

Artificial Intelligence is one of the breakthrough technologies in recent years and is well set up to revolutionize the businesses in almost across the industries. But experts are of the opinion that this is still at the starting stage and with new needs that each industry will have there will be AI programming solutions developer who will be able to find a way to combine AI technology with other innovations.

The future is very bright and exciting with AI technology. 

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