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What excites you about the future of artificial intelligence?

AI stands for Artificial Intelligence in Computer science. Enterprise Mobility Solutions is way to organize the application. In today’s era every sector wants to work remotely and easily.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

The term AI stands for Artificial Intelligence in Computer science. In today’s era everybody wants a fast and accurate work.

The world is going to be digitalized very fast and Artificial Intelligence is one of the tool that plays an important role in World’s fast growth and digitalization. AI can also be known as Machine Intelligence.

What excites you about the future of artificial intelligence?

In short we can also described Artificial Intelligence as: “A machine that can mimic the human minds and all other roles of human to solve the complex task automatically”.

It can be either Stand-alone software or embedded within larger software or hardware. It uses different techniques for writing computer code that understand and manipulate knowledge.

Artificial Intelligence is used in almost every sector such as Healthcare, Fashion, Government, Computer games and much more.AI was founded in 1956 after a lot of failures and losses of fund.

Artificial Intelligence Programming is a process of solving the complex programs automatically.

AI are used in businesses to reduce the operational cost, generate revenues, benefits and fast work and accuracy. There are many types of Artificial Intelligence such as:-

Type 1:- Narrow AI, General AI, Strong AI

Type 2:-Reactive Machines, Limited Memory, Theory of Mind, Self-Awareness.

So from all of these Self- Awareness excites me more. What exactly mean “Self- awareness Artificial Intelligence”? 

It is self-explanatory. Artificial intelligence- Machines that plays human roles and Self-awareness – that machine are aware about themselves.  Is not exciting that machines can perform like a human being.

Yes, Artificial Intelligence Programmingis way through which it is possible.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions is way to organize the application. In today’s era every sector wants to work remotely and easily.

It is the way by which employee can do their work from anywhere. The term EMS refers to use the mobile devices for work, like tablets and smartphones are used now a days commonly for faster information and easy access of works.

Using Enterprise Mobility Solutions, an employee can upload or store any file or picture on computer and he can access it from his own mobile phone or apple iPad. Some of the best benefits of using EMS is improve Employee Productivity, Data Accuracy and device sharing.

Languages used for AI Software Development

Every language as its own benefits. Haskell is good language for
AI Software development.

The features of Haskell enable a compositional way of expressing the algorithms. Python is also widely used as it has built in General AI.“IPL” was the first language that was used for Artificial Intelligence Programming.

Now a days many others languages are in use for AI development like- POP 11, R, Planner, STRIPS, HASKELL, Wolfram Language, Perl, C++ and Python.

Artificial Intelligence Programming can be described as a study of methods by which a machine can act as Human being. Artificial Intelligence is reliable for most of intellectual task.

Some of high profile examples of Artificial Intelligence include medical diagnosis, playing games, online assistants, spam filtering, targeting online advertisements and Search engine such as Google. It is widely used in various applications.

Some of the Examples are as follows:-

  • Video Games
  • Finance and Economics
  • Healthcare
  • Art and Designing
  • Audit
  • Government
  • Automotive
  • Social Media

Thus, artificial intelligence is being used in all these sectors for faster and accuracy of results. Though some people are amazed by knowing all its facts and benefits, most of people also tried to prove that it can also lead misuse of Artificial Intelligence.


So at the end everything has its own pros and cons. Since AI is highly used in all sectors and it has been proved that it has its own benefits, it can also lead lots unintended consequences.

Scientists described some short- term research goals to see how artificial intelligence affects economy, the laws and ethics that revolved with artificial intelligence and how to minimize AI security risks.

The main fear of AI is, if fully “Artificial Intelligence Self-awareness”will be developed, it could spell the end of human race. “Nick Bostrom” has written in his book that artificial intelligence will pose a threat to humankind.

The relationship between automation and employment is complicated as AI is very fast and accurate, it can also lead to decrease in demand for human Labour. So it should be concerned and by avoiding risks AI can play an important role in World growth and all Sectors Success.

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