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Sony ANZ introduces first 4K 3D medical monitors

Sony ANZ introduces first 4K 3D medical monitors

For surgeons using endoscopes and other imaging technologies, image quality is crucial. Today endoscopes, surgical microscopes and other instruments can produce 3D images in full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels), but this resolution is reduced when both the channels needed to create a 3D image for viewing have to be displayed on a standard full HD monitor with 1920 x 1080 pixels.

That’s changed with the release by Sony Medical ANZ of the first large screen medical monitors with 4K or ultra HD resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels): the 55 inch LMD-X550MT and the 31 inch LMD-X310MT. These enable 3D images to be displaced at full HD resolution, as Amanda Aldridge, Product Manager - Professional Solutions Division for Sony Australia, explains.

“While 3D camera systems today are able to shoot in full HD for both left and right channels, there is a loss of resolution on the full HD 3D monitor display as it has to display both channels within its limitation of 1920 by 1080 pixels,” she says.

“Thanks to Sony’s 4K 3D monitors that display four times the number of pixels, true full HD 3D image quality can now be realised, providing surgeons with richer visual information to make more informed decisions.”

lmdx310mt front 160802 05 smSony has introduced the new monitors in line with its goal of promoting the adoption of 4K and 3D for healthcare imaging.

Sony believes real 3D images that allow operators to grasp accurate, high-precision depth information are extremely useful in operating rooms. And its says that, as endoscopes and other medical devices that are 4K/3D compatible become increasing common, there is a growing demand for monitors that can reproduce the same level of image quality.

In addition to straightforward 3D images, Sony’s new liquid crystal display monitors can display 2D images in sub-screens in Picture-in-Picture (PinP) mode. They can also display reference images while showing the operative field in 3D. Also they can display 3D images flipped by 180 degrees.

The LMD-X550MT and LMD-X310MT LCD monitors also feature Sony's original OptiContrast panels. These have a layer of resin instead of air between the screen and its protective glass. This helps cut glare and reflection that reduces image contrast. The result, says Sony, is sharp, vivid images.

Another unique feature is Sony’s AIME image enhancement technology. This allows operators to adjust the profiles and colours
from the instruments to optimise the clarity of the displayed images.

To enable viewing of 3D images Sony supplies its CFV-E30SK eye shield kit, the equivalent of 3D glasses. This consists of a lightweight frame to hold a 3D eye shield, and three disposable eye shields.

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