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Business complexities are rising in this increasingly connected world. Having an expert business process consultant on your side proves to be a huge competitive advantage.

By having a business process consultant, you gain an outsider's perspective. This is important because many times we are too close to the problem to understand it and find a solution. A Business process consultant looks at the problem from a different angle and identifies a proper solution.

Business process consultants have the required experience of managing different kinds of businesses. This experience can prove handy for your business as it is possible that a business process consultant has come across the same or similar kind of problem that you are currently facing.

With a laser-focused attention on your business processes, a business process consultant will help you in optimising your processes. By using the services of an efficient business process consultant like BOX, you and your company  take full advantage of a wealth of resources available at your disposal.

BPX (business process experts) was started with the sole objective of helping businesses achieve their potential.

Our founders were passionate about helping businesses mitigate the tough challenges of the modern day business environment. They knew that in order to succeed in any business environment, it is absolutely essential that proper attention is paid to the various business processes.

The Aditya Birla grasim is one of the largest private sector companies in India having a revenue of USD 11.2 billion. They wanted to optimise their distribution model. Working in close coordination with our sister concern YRC, we at BPX found out a solution to the problem.

We understood that venturing into Omni channel retailing via the m-commerce route was the only viable solution. Our team worked day and night and finished the project within record time building an efficient omnichannel route which helped the customers of Grasim in gaining easier access to the brand's products.

Grasim also gained invaluable insights about its customers by monitoring closely the data given through the m-commerce channel.

We have helped other major corporate groups like Raymond limited in a similar manner.

At BPX, we believe in designing and following an appropriate standard operating procedure or SOP. An SOP is nothing but a well documented action plan of doing things in the correct manner. You can have a marketing and sales SOP, an inventory SOP and also a production SOP. The standard operating procedures act as beacons of light in the murky waters of business, guiding you in the correct direction whenever your system is diverging from the correct path.

We will follow the following steps for developing an SOP for your system

  • Fill up the need analysis form
  • Assigning a SPOC (single point of contact)
  • We conduct input sessions where we capture the existing work instructions and processes
  • Then we conduct process thinking where our agenda is to upgrade the existing work instructions as well as create new SOPs
  • We then conduct and output session in which we have a two way discussion with all the stakeholders regarding the SOPs
  • After this we conduct a thorough quality check in which we finalize all the SOP manuals and publish them for implementation.

BPX provides the following business process solutions

  • HR
  • Bookkeeping
  • E-commerce
  • Offshore business
  • Data entry Services
  • Digital marketing
  • Back office
  • Web development

By choosing BPX as your business process consultant, you will ensure that your business always works like a well oiled machine.

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