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Freight Tracker raises the bar for freight & warehouse management software

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Freight Tracker, one of the emerging freight & warehouse management system software providers to transport companies in Australia and North America,is proud to announce agame changing solution for the logistics and transportation industry in Australia. Using the a clever user interface and the latest web technology, Freight Tracker is saving a lot of time and money in the running of freight companies.

In a joint venture with Yuranga, Freight Tracker has inked a deal with Easy To Use Transport Systems –Australia’

s reputed software developer for trucking industry, to further its lead amongst transport and logistics software providing enterprises.
Based on years of experience and insights, Freight Tracker offers a groundbreaking management model for freight tracking software. Based on the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) approach Freight Tracker clients are loving the ease of use that makes them actually want to get in front of the computer.

It’s important to note that Freight Tracker fulfills all the prerequisites of shipping companies, warehouses, distribution centers and transport companies. Time constraints and cost-effectiveness are two major issues that are taken into account. It ensures the delivery of products in time, and cost savings along the way.

Consistency, answerability, and trustworthiness are the core values of the customer service of the company promising an accurate tracking of shippingpackages.It is dedicated to offer top quality services to its customersand has succeeded in solving the major shipment problems in time.

The shipment load planning offered by Freight Trackerhelps transport companies to plan the loading and then communicate effortlessly with the end client. This helps to save a lot of money and time and as a result makes it easy for the companies to manage.  

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