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Structured Communication Essential in Improving Business Process – Hyperlink InfoSystem

In their quest to churn out more and more development solutions to increase sales, Software Development firms forget one crucial aspect of the entire development process, i.e. effective communication. This is something that can affect enterprises and start ups just as equally.

Communication occurs in two ways, business or formal communication or interpersonal or informal communication. Both play a big role in creating an environment of collaboration as well as productivity as opposed to just formal communication methods as believed by many people. Informal communication builds peer relationships and eases people into the work environment by increasing the familiarity amongst themselves. Many a times people who've newly joined the team need to be acclimatized to the working environment and processes, this is might be a formal event, but confidence is built by encouragement by the quality of the people around them, especially if the co-workers are motivated individuals.

Speaking about the actual work process, something like Android Application Development is a process that is has many subtasks that spans over a variety of specialization areas: requirements gathering, designing, programming, marketing as so on. What this means is that the team consists of individuals or group of individuals that come from a different fields of work and have their own set of communication vocabulary. Now, a collaborative environment's first and foremost requirement is clear and fast communication. Think of this scenario as trying to different shaped objects into a box. You need to come up with a close to perfect synchronization technique to make sure that all the assets on the team can perform to the best of their abilities.

With a well established and followed internal communication channel, the team is able to further communicate with the external entities, i.e the client or other stakeholders for example. Because everyone is aware of the goal at hand, and will work accordingly and thereby not waste resources in tasks that deviate from the goal and ultimately satisfy the clients.

It is crucial for businesses to understand that just having a stellar lineup of professionals isn't enough if their communication methodology is inadequate and not timely, as this major cause of discontent especially for clients that are held back from hiring offshore developers. As they fear that their project won't be handled properly because again, they're dealing with an entity who they don't have much background information about when it comes to their language proficiency. But this can be remedied by an initial round of conversations where the client gets familiar with all the senior members of the team.

An experienced Android App Development offshore development team knows how important it is to have clear complete communication between all parties involved and would be more than happy to clear any doubts that the client would have.

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