How does measuring lost sales benefit your business?

Understanding the reasons behind lost sales is critical to stopping the leak and increasing sales in the future. Performing a lost sales analysis is one of the best ways to identify where improvements to your sales strategy are needed. This blog will explore the benefits of using your business data to evaluate lost sales.

Think before you Act: Advantages of ASRS integration in your new factory

Since 1937, Daifuku has been world-class Automated Materials Handling Company – conveying, storage, sorting, picking and controls. We have a global network of offices and subsidiaries that offer design, engineering, sales, installation and commissioning of an Automated Storage and Materials Handling System.

Automotive wholesale distributor improves inventory management, identifies sales opportunities, and improves reporting with Phocas

PPI Automotive serves mechanics across the Pittsburgh, Pa., region with quality automotive aftermarket parts. The family-owned business opened in 1974 and changed ownership in 2004. Currently, PPI has 30 employees operating from three locations, including its main warehouse in Pittsburgh and distribution centers in Carnegie and the North Hills. The company is considering adding a fourth location in the next year to ensure that it can meet its commitment to customer service, which includes a 30-minute delivery window.

Can your business operate without business intelligence?

Due to budget and time constraints, some managers believe business intelligence (BI) will not be worth their investment. They may believe they are saving the company money, when it fact there are specific ways the failure to implement BI will cause the business to lose money. This blog will examine a few of those costs.

What does data discovery mean?

“We are drowning in information but starved for knowledge” according to best selling author, John Naisbitt. Today’s businesses have the ability to collect an extraordinary amount of information on everything from customer buying patterns and feedback to supply chain management and marketing efforts. Are you drawing value from your data?

The top five problems companies have with business intelligence

When businesses face challenges gaining value from a business intelligence (BI) solution, it may seem like the software is causing more trouble than it is worth. However, the challenges are often not due to the business or to the software alone, but rather due to the mismatch between the two.

Grow your business with the right company culture

A growing business must focus on things like marketplace demand, customer service, and sales margins, to name a few. However, executives should also take care to foster a strong company culture that will help ensure business success.

The greatest advantages of business intelligence

In today’s economy, many businesses find themselves in competition with online retailers and large corporations that are able to offer reduced prices. In order for David to compete with Goliath, businesses must utilize every opportunity to gain an advantage.

Improve the way you sell in three simple ways

All sales managers, whether in retail, wholesale distribution or manufacturing, face the same pressure to reduce costs while increasing sales. Most sales teams are responsible for managing the sales of multiple product lines with a variety of products in each line.

Five essential management strategies

Executives across different regions and industries have to meet seemingly conflicting targets. On one hand, you want to maximize both your own and your employees’ productivity, through both hard and smart work. At the same time, you don’t want to burn out your employees and see them leave to work for another company.

Phocas Business Intelligence vs. QlikView: A review

The BI Survey 16 is the world’s largest survey of business intelligence software users. In 2016, BARC Research, producers of the survey, received reviews from 3,137 users of 37 different BI products. Read this blog to see how Phocas compares with QlikView.