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Five essential management strategies

Executives across different regions and industries have to meet seemingly conflicting targets. On one hand, you want to maximize both your own and your employees’ productivity, through both hard and smart work. At the same time, you don’t want to burn out your employees and see them leave to work for another company.

The key to meeting the above goals lies in motivation, which is commonly subdivided into two categories; intrinsic and extrinsic. While extrinsic motivation – motivation through rewards and bonuses – is relatively easy to instill, it is rarely a long-term solution. 

Intrinsic motivation is a much stronger source of motivation, and comes from positive feelings that come from a positive work environment. These emotions may come from feelings of purpose, progress, and competence.

While extrinsic motivation can be a ‘quick fix’, only intrinsic motivation will help you retain employees, while pushing them to perform their best.

The five management strategies below help you achieve intrinsic motivation in both your employees and yourself.

1. Keep employees up to date

Keeping employees up to date on goals and performance helps them appreciate the bigger picture. It allows them to better understand how they can add greater value to the business.

This understanding may be conveyed through team meetings, or through company-wide communications.

To achieve this with minimum fuss, you may consider using solutions that allow you to show real-time progress on KPIs, without having to build custom reports. From a motivational standpoint, this leaves employee feeling both valued and empowered.

2. Work together with your team

Now that you have helped employees gain valuable insights, you’re able to work with them collaboratively.

If a project management tool like or is used, it’s easy for everyone to contribute in real-time. In fact, any software used should ideally have a similar collaboration feature.

An executive can see positive results by using their intricate knowledge to benefit employees company-wide. If they hear of a potential issue in an area of the business, give your staff the opportunity to proactively find solutions based on your experience, rather than telling them exactly what to do.

This will create a sense of…-within-your-team, which in turn creates a sense of responsibility. Responsibility can lead to a feeling of progress and hopefully competence, which, you guessed it, are defined as sources of intrinsic motivation.

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