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Why is your business losing customers and how can you fix it

A business that brings in new customers, but is poor at retaining existing customers, is not likely to be operating at optimal performance.

Making sales to new customers is six to nine times more expensive than retaining existing customers with a recurring monthly, or perhaps quarterly order. As such, losing customers can present a major challenge to any business.

There are many reasons why a customer may cease to purchase your products. In this blog, we will explore three common reasons why businesses lose customers, and then discuss how businesses can avoid losing customers without having to spend large amounts of time looking through individual accounts.

Your customers may not be aware of your full product range

A common reason for customers to stop buying from a distributor or manufacturer, is because they are not aware of the full product range on offer. This may cause them to start purchasing a few items from a competitor. Once this occurs, the competitor is given the chance to offer discounts on bundled items. As a result, they may win the business of your customer.

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