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It’s no secret that business intelligence (BI) has completely transformed the way we make business decisions. Decisions can now be made with real data instead of gut feel.

A study by Boston University found the use of BI and reporting tools is vital for businesses to stay competitive. The same report found 59% of CFOs believe analysis and decision-making are the number one process areas that needed technology investment – which BI software can address.

So how does this translate into everyday business? And what are some of the real-life success stories of businesses using BI? Businesses that have increased decision making and sales, understand customer behavior and stock control all whilst reducing costs. It sounds like a dream… I know.

But it is being done. And here are success stories of global companies reaping the rewards of BI.

Sales and fast decisions

DEB group is a major manufacturer of skin care products for many types of workplaces and public environments including industrial, commercial, healthcare and food sectors.

Based in the UK, they hold a wide variety of products including soap, dispensers and sanitizers.

In Australia and New Zealand alone, these products are sold through a network of around 200 distributors.

For DEB, is it key they have a thorough understanding of how sales are tracking and where they can improve. For this business, a BI tool is vital for them to keep on top of their business and track their sales performance.

When it came to selecting a BI tool, they needed something that was:

1.  simple
2.  easy to use
3.  quick access to vital information and statistics

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