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Building a top performing sales team

An original idea or product may be the key to launching a business, but without an outstanding team gathering leads and driving sales, all you have is a great idea that never reaches its potential.

The goal of every company is to get that idea or product to customers. Whether your company is in the initial phases or matured with a strong customer base, you can likely benefit from increased sales.  As the sales manager, your job is to create that killer sales team. Try the following tips to facilitate that:

Know your team members’ personalities

Get to know your team. A scientific approach may be to implement personality tests based on the Big Five traits, to determine your team members’ natural tendencies. As a manager, this information can increase sales by helping you determine how to coach team members, how to pair them, what motivates them, and which leads to give them.

You can also use learning style tests that will help you apply appropriate training techniques.  A team member who needs security should be approached much differently than one who needs acceptance.

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