SynapseIndia aims to provide advanced Intelligence Solutions to global clients

SynapseIndia is jubilant to add more power to its expertise in intelligence solutions. The company has strategically planned to provide industry-specific intelligent solutions to global clients in 2019. The world is quickly moving towards automation. SynapseIndia wants to ensure that its clients leverage the maximum advantages of emerging intelligence technologies and make businesses smarter, automated and highly efficient. The company is focussing on artificial intelligence (AI), Big Data analytics, Machine Learning, Internet of Things (IoT) and Blockchain. These technologies are the future of the digital world.

IoT to Dramatically Transform Manufacturers' Products, Services, and Operations in 2015, According to New IDC Report

IDC Manufacturing Insights asserts that the Internet of Things (IoT) is on track to dramatically transform manufacturers' products, services, and operations in 2015. While the hype persists around IoT, IDC Manufacturing Insight notes there are many signs that show confidence in IoT is with good reason. The new report, Perspective: The Internet of Things Gains Momentum in Manufacturing in 2015 (Doc #MI253743), details the primary applications of IoT in manufacturing as well as manufacturers' current expectations, investment plans, and concerns.

Horizon Software First to Introduce Online Data Analysis Tool for School Nutrition Programs

Horizon Software International (, a leader in school nutrition technology, announces the release of its online benchmarking and visual reporting tool, OneSource Business Analytics. This solution transforms the way Horizon’s customers monitor performance of their school nutrition operations. OneSource Business Analytics consolidates the vast amount of data gathered as part of normal operations and presents it graphically, making it easy to analyze and compare business metrics such as participation, sales, meals per labor hour and more at a glance.

Invigorating: Aussie tech kings go global!

Two businessmen, who, through their company Global Internet Technologies, were behind building some of Australia’s recent successful tech innovations including Menulog, GetPrice and Global Entries Online, are now going global and sharpening their appetites for technology to help businesses achieve big profits.

AMP Technologies Announces Today That They Will Offer Revolutionary Business Intelligence and Lease Abstract Software At No Cost

AMP Technologies announces two monumental releases today by giving away their revolutionary Business Intelligence (codename Jupiter) along with their Lease Abstract software (codename Saturn). These offerings that can cost organizations hundreds of thousands of dollars are now available at no cost; these powerful offerings will change the industry forever in the way it manages its commercial real estate assets.

Ovum forecasts CSPs’ capex to remain flat, while telecom vendors face a tough marketplace

Revenue growth rates for communications service providers (CSPs) remain modest, but CSPs will continue to invest heavily in their networks, expects Ovum. With global CSP capital expenditures (capex) forecasted to total more than US$2.1tn from 2014–19, the global analyst firm warns CSPs must continue to do less with more, leveraging new technologies, network designs, vendors, and operating models.

Microsoft PowerPoint Training Series Available on Mastery’s Mobile-Friendly VOD3 Platform

Create more polished presentations by learning how to get the most out of the rich features offered in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 with this new series of Video On Demand courses. Mastery Technologies' series on PowerPoint can be viewed on any device, including smart phones, tablets and desktop computers.

Ten steps to using Voice of the Customer (VoC) to improve your bottom line

Most companies think they know what their customers want, when they actually don’t have a complete and comprehensive view. Being too presumptuous of what your customers’ need can trigger a cascade effect that degrades research and development, marketing communications, sales effectiveness, service delivery and customer experience.

Forrester: At Least Half of ANZ companies Plan to Increase Mobile-related Spending

Mobile has emerged as a technology spending priority in ANZ, according to a new Forrester Research report by Senior Analyst Tim Sheedy on the ANZ technology budgets and priorities for 2014. According to the research, Software will see the largest increase in spending, while at least half of ANZ companies plan to spend more on smartphones (54%), tablets (52%), and mobile applications and middleware (50%).

IDC Celebrates Its 50th Anniversary with a Web Micro-Site Showcasing Its History and Highlighting Future Technology Trends

To mark its 50th anniversary as the premier global provider of market intelligence, advisory services, and events for the information technology, telecommunications, and consumer technology markets, International Data Corporation (IDC) today announced the launch of a commemorative micro-site featuring highlights from IDC's history and focusing on new technology market trends and opportunities.

Dicker Data and Microsoft aim to give boost to SMB reseller community with new agreement

Microsoft announced that Dicker Data, an Australian owned technology product distributor, has become a new Microsoft Authorised OEM and FPP Distributor in Australia. The partnership agreement enables Dicker Data to trade as an Authorised Distributor in Australia for Microsoft OEM software as well as Full Packaged Products and Services.