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Ambitious Flexible Work Service for Canberran Business

Wednesday night, highlighted an urgent business need in Australia’s changing workforce at the annual Lighthouse Festival of Ambitious Ideas, held at the CSIRO Discovery Centre. Australia's rapid shift towards telework requires businesses to ensure their arrangements are productive and compliant.

Research released by the Australian Government in October has shown that Australian businesses have rapidly adopted flexible work, with now one quarter of Australian employees working mainly from home at least 2 days per week; up from around 6 percent in 2006.

“The speed of this change is incredible, and hugely exciting for Australia as businesses adapt to technology change. It could also mean that businesses are unprepared to make telework productive and sustainable. Businesses risk a drop in productivity, a drop in staff morale and non-compliance with relevant laws. Telework that isn’t well established can hinder an organisation’s progress,” said Nina Sochon, Managing Director was chosen as one of 12 of Canberra’s most innovative and inspiring businesses to present at the CSIRO-sponsored Festival of Ambitious Ideas, an annual event on the Canberra calendar. offers Australia-wide advisory services and products to establish productive, sustainable work from home arrangements and improve compliance.

“My aim is to enable many more Australian businesses to resolve the issues, avoid the traps and set up effective work from home arrangements so that they truly save money and have happier employees. This is an entirely unique service in Australia, but one that is very much needed,” Nina said.

Nina Sochon led the team delivering National Telework Week in November 2012, which gained such momentum that ‘telework’, or ‘work from home’, has become part of the national conversation ever since.

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