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What Makes The Best Customer Experience Company in Australia?

Fifth Quadrant Calls For Nominations For Australia's Best Customer Experience Companies List 2014

Customer Experience management consultancy and research firm, Fifth Quadrant, today announced that nominations are open in the search for Australia's Best Customer Experience companies.

Customer Experience (CX) is a mega trend driving organisations to transform how they enable consumer-led engagement. Fuelling the CX revolution is the rapidly changing customer who in Australia is happy to pay, on average, 14 per cent more for a good and consistent customer experience, according to Fifth Quadrant research*.

“Nine in 10 Australians will switch to a competitor because they have had a poor experience. Eight in ten will actively advise friends and family to avoid companies who provide a poor experience, and 77 per cent will not purchase again from that company,” said Chris Kirby, Director of Customer Experience Research for Fifth Quadrant.

“These figures resolutely show Australians will no longer accept below par experiences. Our research shows consumers reward leading CX organisations with on average a 10-20 per cent increase in overall business performance,” he said.

As a result, CX Strategy is now a priority of board and C-level executive teams. Seven in 10 Australian-based organisations say customer satisfaction improvements are a priority for 2014, while over half state in 2014 “developing a customer experience strategy” is key*.

To recognise the Australian organisations who are committed to CX leadership, Fifth Quadrant is proud to launch The Best Customer Experience Companies List.

By participating, organisations will:
• Be recognised as Customer Experience leaders
• Benchmark their performance versus other organisations
• Receive detailed feedback on their CX organisational capabilities and maturity
• Increase their profile through extensive PR and media exposure
• Celebrate their successes
• Become part of a growing community of CX change leaders.

To be considered for the Best Customer Experience Companies List, organisations will be judged on the quality and effectiveness of their Customer Experience strategy through a robust qualitative and quantitative assessment process.

Kirby said this process assesses the capability of the whole enterprise, not just customer facing service operations. It also recognises the efforts of organisations and provides insights to support future customer experience initiatives.

“This List is a great opportunity for Australia’s rapidly evolving Customer Experience industry. Many organisations recognise the critical nature of becoming customer centric and are investing significantly to transform this capability. The Best Customer Experience Companies List gives organisations the opportunity to assess their progress versus industry peers and gain national recognition of their achievements,” he said.

Nominations for the List are open from now for the next four weeks and can be made at or by contacting Chris Kirby on 02 9927 3399 A shortlist of 50 customer experience companies will be announced in May followed by the unveiling of the Best Customer Experience Companies List of Australia's 30 Best Customer Experience organisations in September 2014.

*Fifth Quadrant, Australian Market Customer Experience Strategy Report 2014

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