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New Microsoft Personal Expense Calculator Added to Online Library at releases the new Microsoft personal expense calculator as part of personal and business budget collection.

Managing personal expenses is critical to avoid potential pitfalls in both the near and distant future. Maintaining an accurate record of one’s finances can allow individuals to plan for fun and exciting vacations or events during the daily grind.

Now, staying on top of expenditures is easier than ever before with the new personal expense calculator from Microsoft.

“With the personal expense calculator from Microsoft, you get a clear and accurate picture of all of your personal and household expenses,” said Template Haven spokeswoman Mary Flynn. “Those who keep a monthly budget know how important it is to save money wherever and whenever you can. That’s why the calculator is available on our site to visitors at absolutely no charge.”

The personal expense calculator comes in the form of an instantly downloadable Microsoft Excel template. All aspects of the template are customizable so that they can best meet personal needs. The calculator is straightforward, easy to understand, and can be used immediately after downloading.

The personal expense calculator is just one of the many new Microsoft templates visitors can discover at Businesses of any size can now take advantage of the new monthly business budget template. Those responsible for invoicing can also get a copy of the new PayPal invoicing template.

All templates available at are completely complimentary. There are no user restrictions or limits on the amount of templates visitors can use. Little more than a basic knowledge of Microsoft Office, Excel or Word products is required to use the templates featured on the site.

For the complimentary personal expense calculator, or for hundreds of other calculators, templates and spreadsheets, please visit today.

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