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Invigorating: Aussie tech kings go global!

Two businessmen, who, through their company Global Internet Technologies, were behind building some of Australia’s recent successful tech innovations including Menulog, GetPrice and Global Entries Online, are now going global and sharpening their appetites for technology to help businesses achieve big profits.

Technology geniuses Gary Munitz and Daniel Sekers are taking their expertise to the world to generate millions by using their innovations in “big data” and applying it to the realm of business intelligence which will help business across the board read the market and make more money.

The two Australian business entrepreneurs have joined the ASX-listed information technology company, Invigor Group Limited (IVO) to take their intellectual property into new ventures. With over 15 years of experience in pioneering data based decision making seen in technology powering the leading shopping comparison app GetPrice and home delivery platform Menulog, the duo have now released a new product with a business-to-business flavour. The new “Insights” platform produces real-time business insights into competitor activity and supply and demand factors.

Invigor has today completed its acquisition of Global Group Australia and development arm Global Internet Technologies which has integrated and transformed Invigor into a digital product and solutions innovator.

“Invigor Group is focusing on working with businesses to better leverage their data through a range of products, infrastructure and capabilities,” explained Daniel, who is heading up the Invigor new business division.

“Basically, our data systems enable us to compare product activity at an attribute level and analyse marketing and advertising performance in real time. We can give insights to our customers about what is happening in their markets to better focus their sales activities. We do this real time as opposed to solely relying on historical market data which is what most other data analysis systems tell you. We will look at current trends to enable our customers to be ahead of the market, not behind the times. “

"Product pricing and relevance to locality and time of day is one of the key challenges that business faces today and with the explosion of digital commerce and customer touch points, it is becoming harder to monitor and respond as a business.”

Tech expert and data guru Gary Munitz has been appointed Group Director Digital Solutions in the newly formed Invigor, overseeing the roll out of new data analytics products to the market.

“Big Data seems to be the catchphrase of this decade but few are able to give insights in a meaningful way to individual businesses. Invigor will help companies identify where they can unlock value based on their customers propensities at each touch point and transaction. We can deliver insights on demand, so our customers know where their own strengths, gaps and demands are and they can stay one step ahead of the competition and the market and improve their profits,” said Gary. “We deliver this through helping our customers engage with their potential and current clients at every touch point through their process.”

Invigor has offices in Sydney, Melbourne and India, focusing on the Information Technologies sector. The new Invigor divisions led by Gary and Daniel, are currently rolling out a whole range of new data insight products throughout half a dozen industries including consumer electronics, automotive, financial and insurance, pharmaceuticals, apparel and home wares.

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