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SOASTA Announces Data Science Workbench

SOASTA, the leader in performance measurements and analytics, announced the general availability of its Data Science Workbench, a powerful new query and analysis environment for gaining actionable insight from deeply complex user experience performance data.

SOASTA Data Science Workbench simplifies the exploration and analysis of current and historical Web and mobile user performance data. The new offering allows business analysts, performance engineers, data scientists and others to gain instant insights, spot trends or identify issues by mining user experience and performance data collected from SOASTA and other sources. For example, SOASTA customers can – for the first time ever – understand historic user conversion rates correlated to response time, view most profitable click-paths by region, trend peak user traffic by operating system, or query the data for any other important business insights.

By using cloud-based data storage to retain 100% of available user experience data from the SOASTA mPulse™ product and a powerful open source computing language, the Data Science Workbench eliminates the tedious and time-consuming process of data transformation and loading.

Users can now easily access this information, then slice, dice and analyze the data in a variety of different visual formats. Because all of the data is collected and kept forever, big data insights stay up-to-date and current to meet your day-to-day and over-time needs. According to estimates, data scientists spend 50 percent to 80 percent of their time collecting and preparing digital data before it can be analyzed and put to use.*

The data generated by disparate activities like load testing and monitoring is immensely valuable for establishing patterns and trends, especially when it can be integrated to present a complete picture of online business performance. As a powerful new component of the SOASTA performance platform, the new Data Science Workbench puts immediate answers in front of Digital Development, Operations, and Business teams by pulling together web and mobile performance data with business, marketing, and other data sources.

“Big data is billions of zeros and ones until you apply analytics and visualization that mean something to someone,” said Henry Morris, Senior Vice President for IDC and Executive Lead for Big Data and Analytics Research. “Taking critical steps to enable simplified big data analytics to help customers combine data collected for specific purposes – like testing or monitoring – and creating analytics tools to pull business decision-making intelligence from them is a key, fast emerging area.”

The new SOASTA Data Science Workbench delivers:

  • Performance data, ready for consumption: SOASTA pulls together all relevant monitoring and performance data into an infinitely scalable Amazon Redshift schema, ready to mine for business-specific user experience information
  • A new Explore & Discover interface based on the MIT-developed Julia scientific programming language, allowing for fast and simplified visual exploration of huge datasets
  • Pre-developed functions and statistical models, which help business analysts and data scientists get right to the most commonly asked questions
  • The support and expertise of the SOASTA Data Science Team, who ensure data access and can help with analysis at any stage

“Understanding today’s Web and mobile user behavior and impact on digital business is extremely complex and time-consuming,” said Tom Lounibos, CEO of SOASTA. “With the SOASTA Data Science Workbench, users can quickly analyze meaningful business insights without mining and sifting through enormous amounts of performance-related data. For the leading brands in the world, SOASTA has become synonymous with the art of Performance Analytics. Our new solution will provide an even deeper understanding into their users’ experience.”


Data Science Workbench is available immediately as an annual service package that includes data transformation and access, visual tools and Data Scientist help as needed with data access and support. For more information, visit:

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SOASTA is the leader in performance measurement and analytics. The SOASTA platform enables digital business owners to gain unprecedented and continuous performance insights into their real user experience on mobile and Web devices – in real time, and at scale. With more than 10 million tests performed and more than 100 billion user experiences measured, SOASTA is the digital performance expert trusted by industry-leading companies including Experian, Gilt Groupe, Hallmark, Intuit, Microsoft and Netflix. SOASTA is privately held and headquartered in Mountain View, Calif. For more information about SOASTA, please visit

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