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5 important trends building and industrial businesses should be aware of

In today’s blog, we will explore five trends in the building and industrial materials industry.

Trend one - DIY projects boost the building supply industry

Due to the rise in housing costs, many homeowners are investing their money in do-it-yourself (or DYI) home improvement projects.  According to IBISWorld, this has contributed to growth in the building industry over the past five years. 

As homeowners purchase DIY supplies such as flooring products, plumbing fixtures, paint, and hardware from their local Home Depot or similar businesses, wholesalers are experiencing a boost in their sales revenue. 

Trend two - Demand for ‘green’ construction materials

A growing trend in the construction materials industry is the demand for sustainable and environmentally friendly products such as bamboo flooring, low or no VOC paint, and products made from recycled materials, according to Global Industry Analysts, Inc.

This trend is developing in both the commercial and residential sides of the industry. Building and industrial material manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers must prepare to meet this growing demand to remain competitive.

By maintaining sufficient stock levels of these products, you ensure your orders can be filled and delivered on time.

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