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Digital business cards: 7 reasons they are beneficial for you

IDENCARD digital business card app lets you create and share stunning, customizable digital business cards worldwide and multiply your business networks in days.


Digital business cards are getting momentum in the business world. Till now, professionals were relying on paper-based cards to showcase their skills and identity. However, more and more businesspersons are switching to the digital versions to grow their business network.

But what is it that goes in favor of digital business cards over their physical counterparts? The reasons are many.

It takes time to get tangible cards designed and printed. Besides, they pose sheer money wastage as when your info changes, you need to get a new stock ready and dump the previous one.

Talking about distribution, physical cards are restricted by distance because you need to travel near and far to exchange your card with your prospect.

On the other hand, working with digital business cards doesn’t have any such restriction. IDENCARD digital business card app is designed to break the shackles of lackluster paper business cards by creating, managing, and sharing business cards digitally with your prospects from around the world.

Let’s take a look at how digital business cards are beneficial while aiming at the growth of the business network.

How digital business cards prove to be the best option

      1. You can download IDENCARD app for free

Unlike paper-based cards that cost money to get designed and printed, creating your digital business card with IDENCARD digital business card app is totally free of cost. You simply need to download the app from Google Play or App Store and you’re good to go.

       2. It’s super-easy to create and share an IDENCARD

Once you’ve downloaded the app on your iOS or Android device, you simply need to open it and follow the on-screen guide to quickly get your stunning digital business card ready to convey your business identity to your prospects.

Besides, sharing an IDENCARD is also easy and quick. Simply choose “Send” from the menu and the person who receives your digital business card will scan its QR code. That’s it! You’ll be added to his/her connections list.


      3. You can conveniently carry a digital business card

Carrying stacks of physical cards while going to conventions or conferences is really difficult. That’s, however, is the case with digital business cards. You only need to have IDENCARD digital business card app on your smartphone.

      4. You can easily keep them safe

While misplacing a physical business card is more likely to happen, digital business cards don’t pose any such risk. They are in digital format and hence, safer to be kept for a long time. Besides, there’s no possibility any wear and tear in the case of digital formats, contrary to their paper versions that can easily fall prey to environmental effect.

      5. Distance is not a matter

While you need to travel distances to meet the people you want to exchange your physical cards with, there’s no such distance limitation associated with a digital business card. You can share your IDENCARD with anyone worldwide, even a person not having the app installed on their smartphone.

      6. Modification of info is easy

The existing stock of paper business cards gets wasted as soon as your info like mobile number or email ID changes. On the other hand, IDENCARD digital business card app offers such modifications in real time. This means whenever you make changes to your info in your digital business card, it will also be updated on your connections’ app immediately. You won’t have to notify them by yourself.

      7.They are environment-friendly

Lots of trees are cut to get paper business cards printed and that’s a drastic environmental damage. Digital business cards, on the contrary, a stoppage to this damage. This “Go Green” attitude makes digital business cards eco-friendly.

The bottom line

Digital business cards are a trendy way to create and share your digital business card with your prospects and clients. While designing, printing, and distributing the tangible cards have been time-consuming and difficult till now, IDENCARD digital business card app offers stunning and customizable e-cards to be shared with your prospects the world over and grow your business network in days.

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