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How HiPo Rating helps people managers to take critical decisions quickly

HiPo Rating helps people managers identify the rising stars in their organization. Learn how it enables critical decision making in your organization.

Introducing the best, helpful niche features to our customers first in the market has always been our motto. It drives us to constantly innovate and implement the features that help our customers achieve cutting-edge performance management. Recently, we launched the HiPo Rating, the powerful feature that helps people managers identify the rising stars in their organization. And it becomes an instant success with our customers.

It helped our customers to take progressive actions to engage, nurture and retain the high potential talent pool and build a robust succession pipeline within.

  image Why do you need to find high potential employees?

No two employees are alike. Most are talented and few others are super-talented. Most employees have potential and few other have high-potential. According to an HBR survey, roughly 5% of your workforce comprises of high-potential (HiPo) employees.

The HBR research highlights that organizations spend a huge amount of money to develop HIPO programs that target only 5% of their employees. Moreover, 79% of HIPO programs are unsuccessful or failed to produce the desired result. The primary reason for the failure is misidentification of HiPo employees.

Most organizations failed to identify the right candidates or they jump the gun and considered them fit before closely scrutinizing them. You need not rush and decide their suitability at once. Sometimes it is worth to wait and see their consistent behavior patterns in various situations such as the high-pressure, or the adverse environment.

Monitoring and tracking their high potential scores, over a period of time would be advantageous before signing up them in HIPO programs. Finding the right HiPo candidates is the key to the success of HIPO programs.

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