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How individuals can start rental marketplace easily?

RentALL can quickly help you to get started with your sharing economy business and enables you to scale as you grow. As it is fully customizable that can fit into any need that is corresponding to sharing economy business.

How individuals can start rental marketplace easily?

What would you do if I say, you can create a similar platform like Airbnb with easy to go method. Yes, it's possible with RentAll — Airbnb Clone Script Make an Inquiry about this news. The script is 100% bug-free, white label, supported with any language, currency, and many functional modules. It can be done in three steps.

Step1: Get a copy of RentALL script for your own and let us set it up on your server.

Step 2: Get in touch with our team and customize RentALL based on your idea.

Step 3: Go to market, build your community, measure actionable metrics and evolve.

The script can help you to create the marketplace in a few minutes, easily customize it to fit your specific niche, and monetize the marketplace by allowing people to pay to each other through the platform and take a commission on each transaction.

 Also, it can be customizable with any necessary functionalities that the user community needs.

Because the user is constantly changing their mind to adopt the new inventions. So, with the help of this script, you can customize the platform with the new functionality without hassle. Some of the features compacted in the software package as follows,

Multi-Language & Currency:

You can add any languages in our script and customize the content according to your user community.

Simply translate your content and feed them in the platform, you’re ready to go. Similar to the language, you can integrate the payment method in any currency. This can be added advantage for your platform and leads to the more acquisitions of users.


Wishlist is another extraordinary feature released by our expert's team. If a user wants to book the reservations but he never compromised with the price range or expects the price to fall, he can save this reservation as his wishlist. The platform sends automatic notifications to the particular user if the price drop occurred at any time.

Ban users from admin:

As a site admin, you should have an option to Ban or Activate the users any time. It’s very useful when you suspect if any of the users is behaving against the community or the platform. Before this, we had an option to totally delete the user but we found that it’s not the permanent solution as the user can create their account with the same details any time later and admin could easily miss it.

However, Airbnb clone script comes with Ban users option to make things easy for the site admin.

Report user:

In addition to the "Ban users", now you can get help from your users to spot spam users with the help of "Report users" functionality. This report user option will be available in user’s public profile page and it will trigger a popup with 3 options to choose respectively "shouldn’t be available in the platform", "try to contact outside of the platform" and "inappropriate content of spam".

Also, there is an option in the admin panel to monitor all these reports which are triggered by other users in the platform.

How it helps hosts (or) services, providers?

If you have the products of your own, you need to build a strategy for reaching out the products to the end customers. But in the case of peer to peer marketplace, buyers reached out to you without many efforts. This help sellers to concentrate on their products effectively. Also, the maintenance cost for running the websites and integrating the payment gateway for online selling is the hard work for most of the service providers since they don’t have the time to do.

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