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15 best sales software for your small business

Sales software is a blessing for sales driven organizations. You can gain control over all aspects of your sales by choosing the right software.

15 best sales software for your small business

Steady sales growth is crucial for every business model; which is why there are sales teams and sales quotas in the company. But unfortunately, 67% of all salespeople miss their quota. Selling is getting tougher with the rising challenges. Sales teams need highly-advanced software to improve their efficiency as well as sales results.

Thankfully, cutting-edge technologies are evolving in the industry that can keep the sales reps on their toes and help them in achieving their sales targets.

Top sales software for achieving your small business goals

Here are various sales software that are preferred by sales teams of all sizes.

CRM & Sales management

CRM is a powerful sales software with infinite capabilities that help in managing and boosting sales.

1. Salesmate CRM

Salesmate CRM Make an Inquiry about this news is an all-in-one sales solution designed smartly to help small businesses grow. It has all the necessary functionality needed to address sales challenges and maintain a healthy customer relationship. Whether you need to streamline your contact information, analyze your sales performance or automate time-consuming tasks, everything can be done through this smart CRM.

With Salesmate CRM you can-

  • Efficiently manage your sales pipeline and streamline your sales process
  • Customize the pipeline as per your needs
  • Create insightful reports to identify roadblocks and spot opportunities
  • Make and receive calls without investing in a virtual phone system
  • Track your emails
  • Add products and see the information beside the deals
  • Collaborate with your team using its shared team inbox
  • Track every variable involved in the deal conversion

2. Pipedrive CRM

Pipedrive Make an Inquiry about this news is a web-based sales CRM software that makes sales pipeline management an effortless process. It helps you in getting your sales efforts organized. You can keep a track on all your sales opportunities and know where your prospects are in the buying process.

With Pipedrive CRM you can-

  • Get clear visibility into your sales pipeline
  • Plan your sales activities and monitor deals efficiently
  • Keep your conversation with the clients streamlined at one place through two-way email sync
  • Set activity reminders to follow-up on-time
  • Customize reports to get vital sales insights
  • Add filters to find anything you need quickly
  • Segment and target multiple leads together

3. Freshsales CRM

Freshsales Make an Inquiry about this news is an intuitive sales CRM software that helps you in managing your sales in a hassle-free way. It comes with a powerful set of features that includes AI based lead scoring, intelligent workflow automation, and visual deal pipeline.

With Freshsales CRM you can-

  • Gain full visibility into all stages of the sales process
  • Spot sales-ready prospects through lead scoring
  • Customize form fields and layout across modules
  • Add automation to reduce the workload
  • Call customers with a single click


Automation is the smart way of getting work done faster with minimal effort. There are many sales software that gives you the automation flexibility to save time and focus on your sales.

4. Autoklose

Take the automation route with Autoklose Make an Inquiry about this news and nurture your sales deals quickly. You can speed up your sales cycle by setting the automation rules with this state-of-the-art sales software. Autoklose feature list includes automated lead generation, drip campaigns, calendar scheduling and many more.  

With Autoklose you can-

  • Send automated highly personalized engaging emails
  • Find and target a potential prospect with the help of machine learning
  • Eliminate duplicate, incomplete or incorrect data
  • Engage prospects by setting a sequence of emails

5. SALESManago

SALESManago Make an Inquiry about this news is cloud-based AI, and machine learning powered automation software that helps in creating an automated environment for completing tasks on-time. Eliminate manual labor and increase your productive hours with this smart software.

With SALESManago you can-

  • Automate your email outreach
  • Automatically update customer database
  • Offer real-time assistance to clients using its Automatic Sales Chat
  • Stay vigilant with your prospect’s activities through automated alerts and notifications

6. Pobuca Sales

Seamlessly sell on the go with Pobuca Sales Make an Inquiry about this news, a mobile field sales automation software. It leverages AI to meet your expectations for sales growth. Don’t worry about your tasks when you are traveling or meeting a client. You can automate your day-to-day tasks and increase the pace of your work as well as prevent errors.

With Pobuca Sales you can-

  • Automate your merchandising tasks
  • Integrate it with your ERP system and minimize your delivery as well as invoicing time
  • Put order-entry on automation

Contact management

Misplacing a contact is synonymous to missing an opportunity. Therefore, you need sales software that keeps all your contact information organized.

7. vCITA

Connect faster with your prospects by bringing all your contact and their related information in vCITA Make an Inquiry about this news. Easily access valuable contact information and communicate with people that matter most to your business. You don’t need to waste your time in searching for information of high potential prospects. vCITA automatically fetches data and updates the profile of each contact with image and social media information of the prospect.

With vCITA you can-

  • Easily import and organize your contacts
  • Get notified about contact request or client follow-up
  • Interact with the contacts wherever you go through the mobile app
  • Collect contact directly from your website through website integration

8. ContactBase

ContactBase Make an Inquiry about this news is the wise way of managing your important contacts. It is a visual address book that aids in maintaining records of your contact efficiently. It allows you to quickly build charts and relationship maps from your address book and share it through SMS or WhatsApp. Through powerful visualization, discover gaps in your contact data.

With ContactBase you can-

  • Effortlessly view and search companies through job title
  • Create notes and store key facts for each contact
  • Eliminate duplicate contact and keep your database clean

9. Salesloft

Strengthen your communication with clients using Salesloft Make an Inquiry about this news. This high-end sales software makes contact management a simple task. View all your contacts and related activities on a clean dashboard. With instant access to contact details, you can take real-time actions and nurture customer relationships quickly.

With Salesloft you can-

  • Call your prospects at the right hour, as prospects time-zones are auto-piloted in Salesloft
  • Integrate your phone or email and track all communication from one place
  • Get the summary of relevant data, feedback, and activities in a centralized location

Email intelligence

Insights into your email outreach are crucial for powering your email campaigns and getting better response from the clients. Here are some sales software that you can rely on for those essential insights.

10. Bananatag

Track your emails with Bananatag Make an Inquiry about this news and know what happens to them after you hit send. Find out how effective are your email campaigns through click and open rates. Bananatag is easy to set up and use. You can quickly garner the analysis of your emails to improve your sales email outreach.

With Bananatag you can-

  • Set up email templates
  • Schedule emails for prospects in a different time zone
  • Create email reports in seconds
  • Integrate with the email services you are already using like Outlook or Gmail

11. MailChimp

You don’t need to invest in an expensive software for creating successful email campaigns. Take the cost-effective route with Mailchimp Make an Inquiry about this news and turbocharge your email campaigns. It offers a wide array of email templates, to send sales emails at a faster pace.

With MailChimp, you can-

  • Analyze your email templates and know how they are performing
  • Integrate with various third-party apps for syncing customer data and streamlining workflows
  • Create attractive newsletters without any hassle
  • Automate your email campaigns

12. Maildb

Need an email address for a specific company? Well, you can find it easily with Maildb Make an Inquiry about this news. This high-end sales software helps you in finding and verifying any business email. You just need to type the domain name of a company and Maildb will quickly fetch the email addresses for you.

WithMaildo you can-

  • Verify your email list
  • Get the name, job title and phone number along with the email address if publicly available
  • Conduct bulk search to save time
  • Ease your work by using the chrome extension of Maildb

Sales intelligence

Sales insights are necessary for ensuring you are on the right path and improving your sales results. Below are the software that can help in collecting those sales insights.

13. Nudge

Are you successful in building a healthy relationship with your esteemed prospects? Nudge Make an Inquiry about this news helps you in measuring the impact of your relationship-building activities. Know where you are going wrong and what do you need to improve. Give clients the experience they expect with the help of this advanced software and improve your conversions.

  • Understand the dynamics of each deal
  • Get connected to target accounts with cold outreach
  • Build stronger relationships with follow-up reminders
  • Spot the key accounts and get personalized insights to enhance your outreach

14. DiscoverOrg

DiscoverOrg Make an Inquiry about this news is an intuitive software that provides accurate and actionable sales intelligence. It is equipped with an extensive spectrum of data collection, visualization, and analytics tools. You can find insights about your potential prospects in minutes with this smart sales software. All the information garnered is verified through the vendor’s in-house team so you can rest assured that it is accurate.

With DiscoverOrg you can-

  • Easily collect contact information of your target companies
  • Stay vigilant with the market trends
  • Identify content that customers are more likely to engage with
  • Get timely notifications about your data

15. Detective by Charlie

Calling your prospect without preparation can make a bad impression on them. You can depend on Detective by Charlie Make an Inquiry about this news for all the research work. Detective by Charlie is an AI-based tool that enhances and speeds up your research time.

With detective by Charlie, you can-

  • Increase your sales prospecting success
  • Find information about your prospect in seconds

Wrapping up

These sales software are loaded with excellent functionalities that can help you in achieving your sales goals. You can manage all parts of your sales efficiently and improve your performance by closing maximum deals. Analyze your needs and try the sales software. Most of these sales software offers a free trial. So you can explore the features and check what's beneficial for your business.

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