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How Electronic Signatures can help you go Paperless in the Healthcare Sector?

With the global economy still reeling from last year's economic drop, a lot of companies all over the world are finding different ways to save money on their annual budgets. How electronic signatures can help you go paperless in the healthcare sector? Businesses everywhere are trying out different methods and services for the sole purpose of saving as much money as they can. What is an electronic signature?


This is a digital mark which indicates an agreement to a document or contract. eSignature software is capable of making it easy in collecting and storing these signatures, usually through allowing you to put your entry forms within your documents.

They can also add some extra security level by ensuring that the signatures will be verified.

How electronic signatures can help you go paperless in the healthcare sector?

First, having an electronic signature to use for managing electronic contracts and other important documents can save companies a lot of money by minimizing travel.

A lot of industries require numerous back-and-forth interactions with their clients, usually for signing documents and authorizing particular tasks.

The need to have physical meetings is reduced with the use of electronic signatures, making it possible for companies not to spend as much money on transportation. Similarly, the delivery of important documents is also minimized, as electronic contracts are a lot easier to manage and send over the internet.

E signature software products also save companies a lot of money by eliminating the need for paper products and other relevant office supplies. With the prevalent use of electronic contracts and documents, offices no longer need to use paper as much as they used to.

The reduced need for paper and other office supplies can significantly cut down monthly office expenses and accumulate to a substantial amount of savings annually.

Such savings are enough to make a positive impact once allocated to other parts of the business. In line with this idea, the amount of space saved by not requiring as big an office area for archives can also help to save even more money.

Remember that every equipment in the office costs money, so saving up on every item that supports the use of paper can also make a difference in the long run.

There are many other ways for businesses to save money with the use of e signature software. One thing is clear: using electronic signatures and promoting the use of electronic contracts and documents can help many companies save a lot of money.

That allows them to grow even more.

This service helps in closing deals quickly, reduces the expenses of paper and ink, circumvents fax problems, this cuts cycle time from weeks to hours, and also creates a positive impression upon your clients. This new and effective online document signing service is providing convenience to its users and creating a revolution in the office space in the health sector.

More and more professionals in real estate, finance, and other fields are using this service to do more business in less time.

Free Electronic Signature Software

To obtain a handwritten signature does not cost anything, thus why should an electronic signature software? Some of the best free e-signature software include HelloSign, eSignly, ever sign, DigiSigner Secured Signing, Sky Signature, dotloop, SignX, and e signatures.

Instead of printing your legal document, it is possible for you to mail it to your signer. You will then wait for their signature which they will be sent back to you.

You will send only a single email then wait for their reply with your document fully signed. Digital documents can be easily tracked.

It is having an additional benefit of saving only a few trees.

Free Electronic Signature Apps

You will format and then print off your document, you are required to sign it, then scan it into your computer system. You can reformat the document again then send.

This is where electronic signatures will come to your rescue. They will let you sign your document in seconds.

These are the main free electronic Signature Apps

1. PandaDoc

This is an Award-winning free online software. PandaDoc is well known for its ease-of-use and streamlined the user interface.

ESignature solution for this app is provided as part of a larger document management tool that includes automated workflows, a drag-and-drop form of integration, and full audit histories. A given number of integrations are available, including file storage, CRM, and payment apps.

2. DocuSign

DocuSign is the most popular eSignature solution offered in the market. The software is easy-to-use and intuitive.

It also integrates with a variety of third-party tools. It has placed a strong emphasis on the security, both for the eSignature process and storage of data.

It has high-level security certifications.

3. ESignly

ESignly will serve you in the best way possible, its customers are satisfied with the digital signature requirements in all the industry, be it healthcare, financial, insurance, government or banking, legal or real estate. The goal of the company is to transfer all your paperwork to online digital work offering you with the comfort and ease with full authentication at a low cost.

This app will make things easy for you. It makes the process easily accessible in just 3 steps taking the shortest time possible.

You will need to choose your document, select those people who are involved then put your signature then send. ESignly can support every file format.

This is for your convenience thus it is fast in getting the signature.

4. ESignLive

One selling point for this option for businesses to the use of the software as part of a cloud-based service or on their premises. Many APIs and integrations are offered, and the software is both desktop and mobile compatible.

It is positioned for larger enterprises, eSignLive is also meant for small businesses. Its mobile apps are very easy-to-use.

5. SignNow

SignNow has garnered numerous awards for its simple, mobile-friendly software. It is a reliable option mainly for small businesses since it has a straightforward interface, its integrations which includes a custom API, and its focused set of features.

SignNow's apps for iOS and Android are used by over 1000 companies, for good reason. If you are intending to focus on the use of eSignature software majorly on your phone, you will not find the best solution.

6. SignEasy

SignEasy is basically offering a minimum user interface that is intended to be easy to use This tool will allow you to generate documents that are from within the platform or integrate the functionality of drag-and-drop with several third-party tools. There are other features that allow for self-signing, remote and in-person signing.


Forrester Research predicts that by 2020, the majority of e-signatures will be implemented using mobile phones. Online electronic signatures improve workflow and increase efficiency.

If businesses have still not invested in this technology, this is a good time to start. The returns will be impressive.

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