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How are Documents Signed Digitally? The Process

Signing a document is a key step in guaranteeing its authenticity. A signed document can easily be traced back to the owner. Also, it reduces the chances of fraud, such as when a person purports to have sent a document on behalf of another person. Many people find it much easier to trust documents that have been signed because it shows that the sender intends to pass the message.


When it comes to entering a contract, signing is a form of execution that gives the contract validity. If a matter is taken to court about the contract, then the court will be able to determine the intentions of those parties from a signed document.

Lack of a signature is often a sign that a party did not intend to be bound by the contract.

Today, very many sectors of the economy are migrating to the digital space.

Business is now being conducted online, and the process often involves the exchange of important documents. Also, it is no longer feasible for all documents to be signed physically.

Sometimes, the parties are too far away from each other, and it is much easier for them to hold online discussions. Digital transfer of documents is also much faster, and less expensive.

The documents can be received as soon as they are sent. That is why it is becoming important for people to sign documents digitally.

Digital signing

There are two main ways that a person can sign a document online. The first one is by using an e-signature.

E-signatures are simply digital versions of physical signatures. They are usually prepared then placed at the end of a document, just as one would sign the document physically.

Because of this, they take the form of a normal physical signature and can be identified easily. The second method is by using a digital signature.

Unlike e-signatures, digital signatures cannot be placed on the document. They are attached to the document as it is being sent.

In addition, they can only be generated using a digital signature site. No one person can have the same digital signature as the other.

Creating e-signatures

E-signatures can easily be created by using electronic document signatures software . For new users, it might be simpler for them to follow a step by step process on a digital signature website.

First, one has to have their own physical signature that will then be used for every document. The signature should be made on clear surface without any other marks to avoid problems when trying to authenticate it.

Next, paper should be scanned using a scanning machine. It is important for the resulting image to have enough pixels to make it very clear.

This is especially vital for the next step. When the scan is received as an image, it will most likely be too large to use as a signature, because of the rest of the blank page.

The image should be cropped to the size of the signature. This cropped section can then be placed on a document while it is still in word format.

The biggest advantage that comes with using an e-signature is how easily it can be identified. Just as it is very easy for one to look at a physical signature and tell who it belongs to, the same goes for e-signatures.

They also have the advantage of being very easy to use even for those who are not well-versed with the internet. This gives them a very wide scope of use.

The disadvantage is that such a signature can easily be forged. Using the scanned image, a person can sign multiple documents and act on behalf of the sender.

E-signatures also do not protect the document while it is in transit. The information contained therein can be altered or accessed by a person that is not the desired recipient.

Creating digital signatures

Digital signatures work using a form of cryptography that creates a code which is unique for every user. The code cannot be altered. This code is attached to the document before sending.

While in transit, the document cannot be opened by unauthorized parties. Digital signatures are created using document signature api .

Essentially, any application with the digital signature feature can be used to generate a signature.

  • First, the user has to have their own unique digital ID. It is this ID that sets each user apart from the other. It is also what makes digital signatures very unique. Digital IDs are offered by credited digital companies. Users can find a list of authenticated digital ID companies from multinational institutions like the European Union. The need for this uniformity is to make sure that every ID can be traced back to one person, and that no one has two IDs.
  • Next, the digital signature is generated using an app that has that function. This is usually after the document has already been created, and it is ready for sending. The signature will be generated upon request and attached to the document once it is sent. The code only works one-way, and the recipient will be able to ensure that it has not been interfered with. Using the same digital ID, a person can place their digital signature on multiple documents before sending them.


Signing a document is the most widely used method of making sure that a document was sent by a certain person. It gives the recipient assurance tat the document is not a forgery.

With the growth of online businesses and digital communication, individuals and corporates have found the need to sign documents digitally. E-signatures and digital signatures are the most common methods for this.

An example is esign documents free services that can be used to generate a signature.

While e-signatures can easily be identified and connected to the sender, digital signatures are much more secure and hard to forge. Digital signatures do more than just authenticate the sender because they also secure the document while it is being sent.

A sender can choose to use both types, to make authentication more straightforward, while still keeping the data safe.

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