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Why you need to know about Time Attendance CRM Software

Why is proper time management essential at work? Time management significantly affects work performance and productivity. When staff can work ahead or within the deadlines then there can be a quality of work and results.

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Every big or small business gives high priority to time management, as this is what helps them to boost their company’s productivity and workforce. However, there are various ways in which you can manage time, but keeping track of everything is a crucial task that you need to follow.

CRM software is one such tool that helps to keep records of your time and at the same time; you can easily manage your office work flow, production, out-put, employee login and logout with salary structure.

Managing working hours in working place is crucial for all enterprisers.

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There are several situations someone can easily avoid by properly managing these working hours. Time Attendance CRM Software will assist entrepreneurs in this case.

Time attendance CRM Software is a web-based application server that controls and manages the entire work hour of the organization. Needless to mention, maintaining punctuality is key for business success.

Most of the industries are experiencing poor in this field. Therefore, use time attendance CRM software and make sure that, your employees are maintaining the working hours properly.  

How does it work?

Time Attendance CRM Software works on both offline and web-based platform. It is available based on user count targeted at a different type of business segments.

This type of user-based license comes with maximum flexibility based on current requirement. If there are any modification needs in the future, that can be done without much hassle.

The most important advantage of this software is scalability. By this option, you can easily allow users to expand the system from 50 to 50,000 users as per your requirement. 

Time Attendance CRM Software works on IP based architecture and it makes it more ideal people mobility management solution. It comes with several applications just like web-based Access Control, Time-Attendance system, Cafeteria Management, Employee Self Service, Visitor Management, Job Processing and Costing, Workers Management and finally field visit management.

This amazing software enabled with fingerprint device and it will let you know the entry and exit time of the employees.  This CRM Software is an open system and it allows integration with third-party software along with hardware.

When the time comes to think about payroll integration, that can be easily done with the help of API, Database to Database or Export Template Method. If anyone wants to connect different devices like Video Surveillance, Fire Alarm System and Relay, they can easily integrate with this software without any help of external hardware modules.

Important Features of Time Attendance CRM Software

  • User Profile Creation
  • Web-Based Application
  • Real-Time Data
  • Enrollment
  • Device Configuration
  • Export and Import Data
  • Basic Time Attendance and Access Control
  • Easy Export and Import Data
  • Seamless Integration
  • Auto Device Identification
  • Easy and Automatic Finger Print Distribution
  • Easy Backup and Restore

Having all these features, you can easily track and keep a record of your employees in your workplace. Install it and elevate the workforce to a new level.

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