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They want to move all of the SharePoint Online Migration  data in the Business Group Office 365 renter into the brand new subscriptions created for every corporation.

Merger or purchase situation:

2 or more businesses already using Office 365 migration incorporated into a new firm that will also utilize Office 365 (among the present Office 365 tenants or a new one). Under this situation, It May be mandatory that they migrate present SharePoint Online Migration contents and data structures in the origin Office 365 tenants into the authoritative renter.

Change of new name situation:

A provider already using Office 365 decides to alter the company name and migrate all of the information to a new Office 365 renter, which employs the new name.

Change information residency situation (change of information centre):

A business based on a single continent, using an Office 365 provisioned into the corresponding data centre area, decide to transfer their headquarters into a different continent so that they must supply a new Office 365 Migration Software at a neighbourhood datacenter because of compliance regulations.

Under this situation where geo-replication Isn’t an option, the Corporation Will Have to migrate.

The standard necessity to divide data geographically.

In cases like this, the info in the most critical tenant ought to be recognized and transferred into the neighbourhood renter (s).

Data and contents construction migration situation from a pre-production/staging renter to production renter.

A firm began to use Office 365 at a pre-production/staging/test renter and has to migrate contents and data constructions into the authoritative Office 365 subscription.

Approach SharePoint migration  to SharePoint:

Manual approach: Information and content structures are moved from the source to the target tenant after manual steps. This method is time-consuming and error-prone.
Automatic approach: After some configuration steps have been taken, information and contents structures are moved between renters without the need for human intervention. This approach implies using a third-party migration tool or using a group of migration engineers who will design and construct the required SharePoint migration  solution.

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