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Top 10 Modern Intranet Features to choose your SharePoint Intranet

Don’t worry. We are here to help you ward off this confusion. Let’s take a quick look at the top modern intranet features that you should consider while choosing your SharePoint Intranet: 

With the current rise in the Work from Home trend, an intranet with the best intranet features became the need of the hour. But choosing the one perfect for us is tacky.

Let us help you out.   image 300w,…00x375.png 600w" width="840"> Top Modern Intranet Features  to SharePoint Migration 1. Company Dashboard  Being away and still feeling connected to your organization is not that easy.

To aid employees in doing so, the intranet must have a common dashboard. It should be a virtual synonymous space for the office notice boards and inter-employee chitchatting. 

This space needs to have separate sections for company basic updates, announcements, and news. A great intranet will keep you updated on departmental updates, company policies, customer updates, and everything else that matters.

A common announcement area will ensure that all the employees are on the same page with their colleagues.   2. Branding Options  The corporate identity of an organization is what matters the most! An intranet must provide enough customization options to make sure it looks like the platform that specifically belongs to the company.

Best corporate intranets allow configurations regarding themes, background images and section placements. Letting the organizations use their own logos and brand colours make each of them feel at home.

Make sure you test the branding capabilities of an intranet before you opt for it.  3. People-Centric  An intranet is expected to be the virtual cultural hub of an organization.

It should bind each of its users as a single unit. Therefore, an intranet should be “of the people” and “for the people” that emanates company culture in every way possible.

Some of the desired modern intranet features of an employee-centric intranet are- 

  • Push notification for matters of individual interest 
  • Personal sub-theme option 
  • Birthday and work anniversary portal 
  • Appreciation and recognition center 
  • Know your team section 
  • Personalized profiles 
  • Informal Forums  
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