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3 Ways Tech Startups are using AI to Revolutionize the Customer Experience

Find Ways How Tech Startups are using AI to Revolutionize the Customer Experience

Artificial intelligence is amongst the latest technological trends. This cutting-edge technology seems to be quite beneficial for startups to establish their businesses.

AI has an application in multiple industries. It is making use of big data and machine learning algorithms to drive enhanced customer experiences.

For any tech startup, the first and foremost thing that needs to be taken into consideration is the customer experience. And AI has incredibly changed the customer experience in the sense that it can predict end-user behaviour very well.

It can ensure 24*7 customer service to offer users with an intuitive and engaging experience. Further, it helps organisations to make smart decisions by providing their employees with the intelligence to work swiftly.

Through this article, I'll describe how you can use AI to understand your users better and revolutionize the customer experience.

So, let's get started.

What’s the Need For AI in Customer Experience?

The customer experience can be quite challenging to understand, manage, measure, and support as it is dynamic, detailed, and provides an enormous amount of data.

AI can leverage consumer data and interactions to fuel the customer experience' strategy and can help companies to understand the opinions of customers for crafting targeted and engaging experiences.

Many define artificial intelligence as machines that can think - and perhaps even function. Most of the organizations still rely on a sense of gut and a mundane approach to controlling the majority of their day-to-day sales and customer service decisions. 

They cannot be proactive in making simple decisions or facilitating customer-facing employees with authentic insights to counsel their more sophisticated choices.

To create memorable customer experiences, businesses can be enhanced by combining machine-learning solutions and related technology offerings.

At a time where acquiring a new customer can be 25 times more expensive than retaining an existing one, strengthening AI to enhance the customer experience can work wonders while preparing your digital transformation strategy.

Customer experience is now becoming a significant factor in the growth of any business. So, here are three methods or ways tech startups are using AI to provide their customers with the experience they deserve.

  1. Customer Opinion

Well, other opinions about a product do affect the view. As per the stats, 63.6% of customers said that they would most likely check the Google reviews before visiting any company or business. 

And 94% of them say that online reviews guarantee them to avoid any particular retail.

Now, this action of market avoidance clearly shows how consumer opinion affects trading. Still, many businesses have not been able to use customer sentiment data systematically.

An algorithm that analyses customer opinion has been invented by a startup named Revuze. The company derives information from various sources such as social media, online reviews, surveys, and emails.  

Most of the other businesses are now eliminating the necessity for traditional surveys which require certain surveys conducted from individual studies.

The algorithm keeps track of the keyword and can understand the conditions in which it is being used to determine the user's emotions.

It uses these particulars to discover trends and themes from unstructured data. It gives information about customer opinion on their products in real-time. 

In comparison to traditional ways, it takes some time to collect and proceed with the necessary information. Revuze's technique is truly revolutionary as it helps businesses to provide and enhance insights into the customer experience. 

Also, it changes the way a company assesses consumers' perceptions of their products and services. It is a self- service platform that does not require the participation of IT experts.

  1. 2. Customized Advertisements

Have you ever imagined why you get advertisements of items that you thought of when you surfed the internet, or from the website you visited while sending an email?

Individualized advertisements distribute content to consumers based on their recent online activities.

While comparing to the traditional ways of marketing where products and services are being advertised, they may not be suitable to those viewing it. 

On the other hand, individualized advertisements can directly target the interests of those who see it that is based on the demographic data collected.

Miscellaneous information includes data collected such as gender, the region of residence, age group, income bracket, choice, political leanings, race, shares, and many more.

Spirable is a startup company that makes use of Artificial Intelligence to create personalized video ads.

To create these video ads, the data is vigorously added to user-friendly video templates. And the data feed comprises customer relationship management (CRM) data.

  • Personal information data consists of purchase data, website activity, and service usage data.
  • They are prioritizing Social audiences data (like audience personalities, behaviours, interests, and preferences).
  • Live relevant data such as live sports, trending events, stock levels, live travel dates, times and dates.

These data feed the consumers' preferences to the content of advertisements based on events occurring around them in real-time to transfer the right message at the right time.

  1. 3. Customer Action

In recent times, the trend of virtual assistants has handed out how we buy goods and services online. According to the stats, nearly 54% of end-users say that digital assistants play a significant role in making their lives easier.

  • About 65% of people who have virtual assistants use them for a lot of purposes other than communication.
  • And nearly half of them use it to surf the internet, get weather forecasts, and stream music.
  • 37% use it to check messages, emails, and traffic reports, while the rest use it to get information and make online purchases.

By looking at the above points, it is quite clear that virtual assistants influence our daily lives. Based on personal data and AI algorithms, these virtual assistants can estimate consumer behaviour. is a tech startup company that has invented a digital assistant for their sales team.

Tact Sales Assistant combines consumer data from multiple sources by using artificial intelligence. 

They make use of data such as CRM, email, calendar, LinkedIn, Zendesk, OneDrive, and legacy databases. can increase sales, productivity, revenue growth and can improve the user experience.

  Bottom Lines

As Artificial Intelligence is evolving with each passing day, it offers immense opportunities to integrate users' data to simplify customer interactions, deliver meaningful messages, and enhance customer engagement.

Through the development of machine learning algorithms that are customized to systematically maximize the use of data AI applications are endless. Therefore, you should go for machine learning development companies to revolutionize the customer experience.

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