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Mapping Digital Workplace Insights to Business Growth

Mapping Digital Workplace Insights to Business Growth can be quite effective for planning the further strategies to be undertaken by the organization.

Going all-digital has become the need of the hour for most enterprises and organizations today. While there might not be any specific criteria and measurements to determine the extent of digital transformation that the organization might have gone through or the extent expected to be what it is expected by the stakeholders, there definitely needs to be a way to determine if they are following the right route.  

map those digital workplace insights  

While the higher executives and the investors need a clear picture of what inputs they are giving and the expected outputs out of them, there needs to be a way to map those digital workplace insights  to know if the results regarding the business growth resonate with their vision of implementing these digital transformations.  There might not be any definitive measuring scale to see how digital they have become but that does not in any way stop their investment, either monetarily or by investing in the workforce to define new opportunities. 

Investments might be in the form that can be easily figured out or maybe in the form of indirect efforts such as IT modernization, business processes automation, setting up digital workplace , Business Intelligence, or analysis of the current trends followed by the businesses and consumers worldwide.   It doesn’t matter if a business shows it or not, but it’s a universal truth that each one of them is in the market to earn, grow, and multiply.

Therefore, it’s quite expected from the investors to hope for the best use of their money while getting onboarded. If the investment will be able to drive up customer and shareholder value in the market and survive all the existing as well as the new competitors that might be born with a digital edge, then the purpose of the business is served.

Business Value of Modernization 

Regardless of the investment type and scenarios, if a company decides to invest in it’s IT modernization, the only thing expected in return is a good result! An investment, even if worthless to many of your competitors, if it brings you to value, you can easily term it as an upward rising curve in your business growth graph. But how do we understand if it really is creating value? Measurement of course.

Resorting to opt for Measurement itself is the first step for a successful business growth mapping. We can convert the digital workplace insights to a more understandable form to reflect the business value.

The data gives in a lot of do’s and don’ts to follow indirectly.  Ever since the organizations started going digital, it is quite surprising that in spite of having such a powerful resource to map up every instance of our business processes, very few of these organizations are utilizing the workplace insights to their growth and advantage. 

It’s quite interesting how many organizations are collecting data and reporting on them with very little insights while they can be used to much more advantage to determine what the business should and shouldn’t follow. Companies have leveraged historical reporting for many years than many still do an equivalent with new data they collect today.KNOW MORE ABOUT SAKETA INTRANET

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