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Set Off The Ground With Customisable Uber Clone In COVID — 19

Taxi booking industry has been revised a lot with the shared economy concepts and they are implemented by top taxi booking companies like Uber, Lyft, Grab, Careem, Ola and many more. Innovation along with technologies are the reasons for their grand success.

Leaving public transport people prefer micro mobility and ride hailing services prevailing. That’s because of the safety measures taken by taxi booking service firms. Let’s view them one by one.

Measures On Taxi Booking Software For Taxi Business

Heatmap — We all know about heatmap. A behavior of the location is depicted in a graphical representation. Usually In taxi booking apps, the heatmap is used to point out most ride requesting sites. Now it can be used to show corona virus spreading locations for drivers. To be Precaucious.

Face recognition- Seems to be funky, but to ensure drivers safety, along with rider’s security. The app gets unlocked with face recognition of the driver wearing a mask Or by taking a selfie.

This successful feature is already accepted by Uber drivers.

Checklist- Similar to OTP, riders can start a trip with face recognition or ensuring hygienic checklist listed on checkboxes. The checklist includes

  • Wearing a mask.
  • Only limited passengers to a ride on a vehicle.
  • No pool.
  • Make sure about hand sanitization.
  • Social distancing

SOS — The SOS also known as “save our souls” is a feature that helps you to reach emergency contacts with the click of a button. This works on this pandemic also.

Setting Reminder : The drivers are reminded about wearing masks and hand sanitising after each trip with push notifications.

Cancel — Rider or driver can seamlessly cancel the ride within 60 sec of time limit. If the pickup or drop area seems to be not much secure then they can cancel the trip. The cancel trip includes reason and feedback to share their own views.

In app Chat — Before commencing the trip, rider and driver can converse about the location and safety measures that maintain hygiene. This small move helps for a courageous trip.

Rating and Review : A trust on this virtual platform is possible with rating and review systems . Yeah!! rating and sharing feedback on the trip,rider and driver checks with hygiene for forthcoming users. The taxi booking system can enrich their rating system with security based points.

Special Rides : Additional appreciation for drivers from the taxi booking system. The drivers who attend trips during emergency and disability people at times of pandemic regarding health issues.

Contactless payments : This option is similar to contact less delivery on food delivery systems . Contactless virtual payment like netbanking, wallet payment, credit/debit card payments and much more ways.

Wanna approach such kind of the best Uber clone.

Trioangle’s Gofer is the best Uber clone  with market needed features. Its outstanding design and functions offer a flexible usability to the users. The on-demand taxi booking application is enhanced with a simple process of booking rides and features ensuring security.

With the high-end technology, it is easily compatible with any platform, available on floor with Android & iOS platform. Also with frequent updates, proper customisation , along with free services, support and addons, more budding entrepreneurs reach them.

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