Solutions To Simplify Work From Home

The WHO declared that COVID-19 is now a pandemic! To help the government’s cause in containing the spread of this virus, organisations and businesses have shut their offices and started working from home. This calls for a need to have seamless collaboration remotely.

SharePoint Online Migration

Get Your Free SharePoint Online Migration Tool - The best SharePoint migration tool, help you migrate data from all online SharePoint versions, Office 365 migration software and cloud.

How Digital Signature Tools Helping Realtors in 2020

The real estate is one of the busiest industries in the world. Real estate agents have a lot of paperwork to prepare, several signatures to collect and sales to close by the end of the day so that they can earn their commission.

How To Integrate E-Sign Technology Into Your Business Processes

About 20 years, the idea of digital signatures was something hard to imagine. However, today, eSignature technology proves to be an ideal technological innovation. Electronic signatures, also referred to as eSignatures are electronic processes that indicate acceptance of a record or agreement.

How Pick Path algorithm enhances Warehouse Management Software?

In an era where supply chains are getting digitized to meet customers’ expectations, it is imperative to improve all the allied functions for synergistic output. WMS is one such cost center that can impact profits if not managed strategically.

Move beyond the Electronic Payment: How Well Do You Know eSignatures?

Many consumers are now shifting from paper-based communication to electronically-sent documents and payments. Amidst this change in document sending and payment practices, ARM companies have a duty to play in helping set up and remain compliant with rules and regulations that safeguard convenience in the processes.

How to Develop an E-Commerce Mobile App

Have you ever imagine what Flipkart can earn in a year? Or have you ever thought over the turnover of Amazon? Of course, they won’t deal with manufacturing and they won’t deal with require to worry about unsold goods or stock which can make a huge loss.

Digital Signature Standard (DSS) Explained

In online activities such as electronic funds transfer, electronic mail, software distribution, data storage as well as application requiring a high level of data integrity assurance, Digital Signature Standard initialized as DSS is used.

Technique to migrate OST files to PST with OST to PST Conversion

OST to PST enter channelize can be termed as realised if and only if apiece and every portion gets transferred to the PST separate. Piece most of the tools fall bet on this forward, OST Setup Pro promises to fulfill this important responsibility of the users who take up OST to PST file transferral with the need of carrying their whole database to the new change. This covering can be utilized to make claim replicas of the original files without any modifications. This substance that the unity of the aggregation remains.

Which is the user-friendly restaurant software for all the restaurant businesses?

Odoo Restaurant Management gives a basic and simple to explore UI, Table and Floor administration office, Product/Menu administration choices, fast billing, Online ordering facility, Offline support, Invoice generation and plenty of other choices to successfully deal with a restaurant. The product is perfect any equipment including, Bar-code scanner, Swiping machine and Cash cabinet box.

Top 5 Reasons why your business needs a Chatbot?

A chatbot is a buzz in the market thanks to the advent of the AI technologies in it. Chatbot has opened doors to reap tons of opportunities come with it once a business adopt it. Let’s explore what top five reasons for that a business needs a Chatbot is.

Making sense of the platform economy

Operational models have changed significantly in recent times, resulting in fundamental changes to how a business needs to visualise its product offering.

World's Leading Travel Technology Solution

TraveloPro is an International Travel Technology and Travel Software Development Company and we partner with our clients to provide strong online distribution capabilities. Travelopro provides online travel booking solutions and APIs for flights, hotels, cars, transfers, sightseeing, etc. and can manage own inventory products of the travel agency. It eliminates manual processing tasks.