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RAK Ceramics P.J.S.C signed agreement with Dev Technosys UAE for software development & consulting

At Dev Technosys we are defending the design and development of innovative native apps for companies, institutions or brands for Smartphone and tablets.Dev Technosys Dubai signed project agreement with Rack ceramics.

Dev Technosys is the leading Mobile app Development Company Dubai. It is here to create a human team passionate about their profession, is one of the challenges we face. Dev Technosys Dubai signed a project agreement with Rack ceramics. Keep the passion in time, is the goal. Professional dreamers, with high doses of humor, creative, curious and beautiful is what moves us to be partners because we are a multitude expert in new technologies and marketing, formed by people.


More than 8 years of experience in Web development company Dubai is what we bring as professionals. Make way shows us every day, the importance of acquiring multiple approaches in the same project, to get to build what you intend to achieve.

Good ideas, creativity and action, and authenticity! We are not robots, although sometimes it seems, and we are committed to being the multidisciplinary team capable of endowing the projects with the communicative weapons they need for success. Understanding our clients starts with values ​​such as ethics, trust, and commitment.

Over time, in Dev Technosys we have specialized in the design and development of mobile applications, as it is, without doubt, one of the rising trends in the universe. Natives, hybrids, multiplatform, web apps and even the development of videogames are our specific specialties. All of them, we develop them taking into account from the conception of the idea, to the programming of the application, without forgetting the apps development or the generation of functionalities.

At Dev Technosys we understand the development of mobile applications as the creation of tools that are efficient and functional over time. For iOS Android or Windows Phone, in Dev Technosys we carry out the development of native mobile apps, controlling the Objective C, Java, and .NET languages, among many others.

The development of native apps allows the use of the features of the device and its presence in stores such as Google Play or Apple Store. Issues that are contemplated and carried out by us as custom software development Dubai, carry out the mobile apps development projects, previously carrying out a personalized analysis of the needs, with a goal to be achieved. It is in this way that we make sure to develop the development of mobile apps with efficiency.

Android Applications

The development of Android apps in Dev Technosys has great advantages. And, it is one of the communities with the largest number of users worldwide. So much so that, recent studies indicate that Android is a leader in the market. A beneficial fact in the development of Android apps, since, for companies or brands, it means accessing a large part of the population.

This fact is due, to a large extent, to the characteristics of Android, such as the simple possibility of expanding storage, its own hardware, the possibilities of applications offered in your store and even the more than efficient operation of these.

Omnipresence: Dev Technosys mobile applications give the possibility to brands or companies to be present in the mobile devices of their potential customers.

Accessibility: The development of Android apps offers the possibility of always being available to users, without the need for browsers or website searches.

Brand image: Being part of the privacy of the Smartphone and tablets of the users generates a greater presence of the brand image and helps its diffusion.

Information: The applications have the ability to transmit useful information to users so that they can make use of it in a non-intrusive way.

Native Applications

We develop mobile applications for the main market platforms, working according to the needs of each project. That is, we are a native apps development company that is involved in all phases of the process, providing the possibility of having a piece of commercial and technical advice.

At Dev Technosys we defend the design and development of innovative native apps for companies, institutions or brands for Smartphone and tablets.

In the development of native apps we have the necessary experience and knowledge managing Objective C and Java for its development and complementary services for its success in ASO Positioning or the Online Marketing strategy.

Creativity: Creativity in the development of native apps and in all our services is part of our philosophy.

Knowledge: As an app development company, our team is made up of professionals with extensive experience.

Experience: We are proud of the clients who have trusted us to design and develop their apps.

Ambition: The success of our customers is our best reward. Therefore, we work to achieve the best results.

Hybrid Apps Development

The development of hybrid apps is one of the trends in mobile applications that have gained strength. Based on technologies such as HTML or JavaScript and CSS, they can be executed in the system's browser. In addition, they are created with a framework that guarantees their visualization on mobile devices and without the need to create new codes. Useful advantages for companies that need to create an app.

Simplicity: The development of hybrid apps is agile and, in general, more economical in time and form than other types of apps.

Adaptability: Hybrid applications can be used on multiple platforms thanks to the base code with which they are created.

Visibility: With the appropriate external permits, hybrid applications can be published in the main stores of the market.

Manageability: The development of hybrid apps is an appropriate option for companies, institutions or brands with basic notions in technological environments. Development of hybrid apps: app design, apps creation.

Advantages of the development of Hybrid Apps

With the development of hybrid applications we seek to speed up the development and costs of the applications without renouncing some basic functionality offered by each operating system. Thanks to this technology, from the same core we can obtain the same application for different platforms without having to make big changes at the code level, since we will only have to write small parts of code when we want to take advantage of some functionality native to the operating system itself.

By being able to develop the applications for the different operating systems from the same code, we will be able to get all the screens to have the same appearance in all the devices, thus avoiding that they appear different applications as happens in other cases.

In Dev Technosys we carry out the complete process of development of hybrid apps. In this sense, our presence and advice can be present from the conception of the idea, through the professional graphic design of the application or its online marketing strategy to be useful.

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