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Want To Send A Quick Fax? Try Mobile Fax From iFax

Often it has been observed that when in a situation wherein a business or company is on a deadline and needs to send documents quickly or in bulk quantity, the traditional fax machine has failed undoubtedly. Online fax service can come to rescue.

For anything to adapt in its entirety, it is utmost necessary to get the complete understanding, functionality and usage of it. For anyone who is missing on the reasons to choose online faxing, take a quick look at these points: Internet fax services provide convenience to send it from your mobile, eco-friendly, easy storage, simple to use, scalable as per your business or company’s need, affordability, etc.

Moreover, digital document delivery presents more security and reliability of the document content as compared to a conventional fax machine. Especially, the usage of fax has steadily increased in the 3 major industry sector namely legal, reality and healthcare.

These services have said to be paying more attention in safeguarding the faxes so that no one faces the risk and trouble of identity theft of their personal or confidential information.

iFax is amongst the front-runner in providing cutting edge features and solutions pertaining to send and receive faxes online. The said online fax application ensures that all the faxes are end-to-end encrypted with 128-bit TLS encryption while also being compliant with HIPAA and GLBA guidelines.

A quick excerpt from the interview with the CEO, Mr Adam K about what is the necessity of quick fax to which he replied, “While everything is available or can be achieved instantly in this day and age, then why not a fax”? There are chances that fax could be lying on a fax machine of an agency unattended for days just because of long weekend holidays and as it happens, the contract got expired just because it could not reach the player in time. Why take such big chances with your career when you could easily receive fax update and notifications on your chosen smart device or even on your smart wearables like Apple Watch and Android Wear, he added with a humble tone.

iFax is enriched with amazing features that will definitely take your internet faxing experience to the next level. Simple to use with easiest user interface and complex mechanism ensures that you will receive your faxes just as you get attachments in your regular email account.

Actually, the app itself navigates you while being engaging and interactive in its own way. To make you feel welcome to the world of online faxing and world’s first mobile fax machines, iFax offers free trial period just so you can feel how easy it is to operate and send quick new fax from mobile.

The imperative benefits that iFax offers are that you can save time and money, keeps your documents organized, allows you to send and receive faxes quickly, allow you to sign documents electronically, easy to set up, simple to search your faxes from the past and many more. iFax is in the existence since 2008 and unlike other online fax services, you do not have to go through the long and tiring sign up process.

You can add your company logo, customize cover page template designs, connect to your leading cloud storage platform to either send it from there or directly upload from the web, email or desktop computers.

iFax also provides a platform wherein you’ll get the easy comparison of iFax with other fax services for you to make an informed decision based on free outbound trial/ inbound trial, monthly inbound faxes, unlimited inbound/ outbound faxes, credits/ cost per page, average rating and last but not the least is price per month. Based on all the above parameters, one can say that iFax is truly a promising and transparent online fax service provider.

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