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How to Sign a Document Online for Free with eSignly?

Signing documents online is slowly becoming the easiest and most convenient way to execute a digital document. There are two main ways of doing this. One, the sender can use an e-signature that is then placed on the document before sending.


E-signatures are easy to generate and also very easy to use. They can be made without using an electronic signature app.

Basically, a physical signature is made on a blank piece of paper and then scanned to create a digital image. The image is then cropped to the required size, and placed on the document during editing.

E-signatures and digital signatures

The alternative is to use a digital signature. Digital signatures are much more complex to use.

The user needs to first have their own digital ID with which the signature will be identified. Digital IDs are only obtained from authorised digital institutions.

Mainly, this is meant to prevent identity theft, forgery, or fraud using multiple IDs. Then, they can use this ID to generate a unique, one-way code that will act as the signature, and embedded onto every signed online document.

To generate a digital signature, users need to create and send their documents using an electronic signature app  that has these features.

Online access

The website is used to create e-signatures that are much more secure than scanned physical signatures. With scanned images, anyone with that image can use it on a document and claim that it has been signed by the actual owner.

Advanced e-signatures are much harder to forge because they are accessed online and the use is limited to the owner of the signature account. The signature is also more likely to be uniform across all documents since it is signed on the screen, and not on an external surface.

For basic e-signatures, the scanning process can also introduce foreign markings on the image, meaning that it is not as accurate as possible.

Compatible devices

The first step in the process would be to set up the website application on an electronic device. It is important to note that the site can only be used with a browser as opposed to downloading a mobile application.

This may seem like a drawback to those who prefer to execute documents on their phones. Even then, the signature works much better when it is made on a browser.

A mobile application would also reduce the number of features available to modify the signature. Setting up is easy, and a user is first required to access the website on a browser using a compatible device.


Before using eSignly, new users need to pay for signature services. The website comes with affordable prices that are much more competitive than other e-signature websites.

For users who do not use the service that often, this package is a great alternative. Those who want to generate more signatures can also go with a package that fits their own needs.

Payments are made easily using a credit card deposit. Once that is done, a new user will then be granted access whenever they want to go online and send a signed document.

Internet connection

The signature app can only be used when the device is online. Users need to make sure they have a stable internet connection if they want to generate an e-signature for the document.

It will be required for the very first step, which involves logging into one's account. For security purposes, all users need to provide some form of authentication before the login is successful.

The internet connection will also be needed to trace the signature to a specific digital ID.


The website has a host of e-signature solutions to cater for users as they begin to create their own signatures. For example, the site comes with videos that contain a step-by-step guide on how to use various tools in the app.

Also, the website comes with erasing tools in case a user needs to do redo their signature to fit their physical one much better. In addition, the app has a search tool to verify that the signature is unique and has not been used by another individual with a different digital ID.

On top of that, the site is able to import both word and PDF documents from an electronic device for them to be signed.


One advantage of using the online signatures is that the user can repeat the physical signature as many times as they want until they get the desired result. The signature is made on a screen and can be erased without having to start the process again.

If need be, a person may generate a new signature with every document they sign. Physical signatures have to be scanned again if a person wants to make alterations.

The process takes longer, and may even cause undue delay when sending a document. There is also no guarantee that the image can be retrieved once it has been deleted.


Unlike scanned physical signatures, online e-signatures can be coupled with a digital ID to make them more unique. To do this, the user needs to obtain their personal code from a recognized digital ID provider.

Then, they can embed the signed document with this code before sending it out. Doing this will inspire more trust in the recipient.

At a later date, it can also be used as evidence that a specific person sent the document, without the need to look at the device used. This makes the signature a better option for holding senders accountable.


E-signatures can be picked over digital signatures because they are much easier to view immediately when the document is sent. Users prefer to send e-sign documents to those who do not have the expertise to identify a digital signature.

Due to this, the use of e-signatures over digital signatures can also be frowned upon because of lack of security while a document is in transit. ESignly is able to combine the authenticity of a digital signature with the simplicity of an e-signature to make a signature that is easy to see, and one that can accurately be traced back to the sender.

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