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Objectives and Importance of an Induction Process

Induction process of an organization has its own importance. A well designed and developed induction process helps the organization and the new employee to get familiarize with each other which leads to a mutual growth of the organization as well as of the new employee.

The aim behind the induction process of an organization is to familiarize the new recruit with the working environment of the company leveraging to growth. Induction process in an organization is designed and developed to in a way that it can hone the skills of the employees and keep them well-informed with the market to improve the productivity. The manual process of induction is sweating and exhausting for the HR team as it requires them to make the employee aware of everything – rules and regulations, environment, responsibilities, requirements, expectations and other issues.

In the words of Michael Armstrong, “The process of receiving and welcoming an employee when he first joins a company and giving him the basic information he needs to settle down quickly and happily and start work.” The definition puts light on what shall be there in an induction process for a new employee which can familiarize him with the new atmosphere where he may not feel an odd man out.

Software service providers, sniffing the need of a tailor made induction process have come up with HR induction software which helps the HR team carry the tedious processes for a new recruit quite efficiently and effectively.

Objectives of Induction Process:

  • The first and foremost important objective of an induction process is that to make the new recruit familiarize with the work and people along whom he has to work in addition to the mission, objectives and aims of the company.
  • The other vital information which needs to be told to the new recruit in a company is about the terms and condition of his employment. The terms and conditions of every organization are different because of the hierarchal structuring and difference in the industry. A new recruit must be aware of these terms and conditions so that he may not go down the line and make some mistake.
  • It is no hidden secret that stimulation and motivation shall be there for a new recruit so that he may work with his full potential towards the benefit of an organization.
  • To provide information regarding the organization comes vital in the Induction Process.
  • Roles and responsibilities should be made clear to the new employee so that he can work responsibly towards the organization goal which helps in minimizing the reality shocks.
  • Sometime in the absence of Induction process, it happens that the new recruit finds some work out of his books.
  • It is important for a new recruit to know what his job requires from him. Communication plays an important role to make him aware of his job requirements in detail.

Importance of Induction Process:

  • Familiarize the new recruit with his new job.
  • A well designed and developed process of Induction helps in the future training of the new recruit.
  • Helps in integration of the new employee with others in the organization

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