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Avalue's MPC-Series Digital Signage Platforms Support Windows Embedded Standard 7

Avalue, the e-service platform provider, is focusing on providing total embedded solution to global customers. For the lately featured innovations and applications in Digital Signage, Avalue’s MPC Touch Panel series is integrated with the latest Windows Embedded Standard 7 operating system to deliver a rich and connected digital signage experience.

The Windows Embedded Standard 7 is a high performance, highly reliable platform that delivers the power, familiarity and reliability of the Windows 7 operating system in a highly customizable and componentized form. It includes panning and zoom, touch, and gesture input to dramatically improve browsing and the overall user experience in a public infotainment Kiosk or Digital Signage. The BitLocker™ and BitLocker To Go™ provide advanced data encryption that protects device data and supports USB removable devices. With Windows Embedded Standard 7, Avalue’s MPC-Series give consumers the ability to share and manage content across network devices, direct internet access without second dial-up VPN (with windows server 2008), and providing seamless connectivity to modules, such as Wi-Fi, GPRS, GPS, BD, PIR, CIR, Light sensor and RFID through an USB dongle, that offer a solid platform and better user experience. Avalue also provides customization service of installation images as requests.

The MPC-Series adopting Intel® Atom™, Dual Core, or AMD 780E Dual Core processors are all compatible with Windows Embedded Standard 7. Using the latest board technology allows developers to easily develop and integrate applications. Windows Touch enables MPC-Series to quick access in a variety of applications:
▪Digital Signage
▪Kiosk / POS
▪Gaming Machine

Avalue Technology has joined and became Silver Partner of Windows Embedded Partner Program since the second established year in 2002, possessing the advantages of industrial experiences for integrating hardware and software to create run-time operating interfaces and programs. Avalue provides customer seamless operating experiences of embedded platforms with Windows Embedded CE 5.0/6.0, Windows XP Embedded, Windows Embedded POSReady 2009, and Windows Embedded Standard 7.

Mr. Winston Kang, the Software Division Manager of Avalue said, “For long time, we provide software and hardware integration solutions services for our customers. To give full supports of testing on software between compatibility and developing the customer-oriented software APIs on devices. Avalue is not only an industrial hardware provider, but also a service provider to give total solutions of unique utilities, especially for the Windows Embedded OS platforms and specifically Win 7-based embedded platforms.”

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