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Marketing Intelligence in the Cloud

To start with this article we will discuss the meaning of Marketing Intelligence as it is a relatively new concept that is explained in different manners and is giving rise to different definitions that use words as “Market Intelligence” or “Competitive Intelligence”, with their own connotations.

What do they mean? Or what is the difference between one and other

The common ground is, without any doubt, the need or purpose, which is enabling companies to design and implement their marketing strategies and tactics based on knowledge. The differences would then depend on the contents they encompass and the tools they use.

Therefore, marketing intelligence would make use of Business Intelligence tools and could be defined as platforms that allow us to extract information from all over our company’s data, for example about our customers, sales trends or the profitability per product, to create value from it and transform it into useful knowledge for our marketing strategy.

And, in this context and in the times we live in, we are forced to talk about the Online Marketing Intelligence to cover the software that gathers or operates with information stored in the cloud.

We should then add to the previous gear illustration, all the data from Google Analytics or social networks as Facebook or Twitter.

For this reason, big companies as SAP or Oracle are developing Market Intelligence solutions to gather online information.

But, without any doubt, the SaaS and/or Cloud computing technologies are emerging as the most suitable because of their adaptability, agility, and flexibility to analyze all the information available, as LITEBI, with which I am most familiar. It is a cloud-based business intelligence platform, with commitment to innovation and marketing intelligence, and which has launched the Online Marketing Intelligence pack, to allow companies of any size and industry make use of their online marketing data and even integrate it with their offline sources, basing their decisions in critical information.

To conclude, regarding the initial question about the different terms that have appeared surrounding the Marketing Intelligence field, we should also add that the analytic layers offered by business intelligence platforms would operate above the other software we have talked about as the Competitive Intelligence or Consumer Intelligence, integrating data from these sources with all the indoor and outdoor information the company has available.

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