How to Sign a Document Online for Free with eSignly?

Signing documents online is slowly becoming the easiest and most convenient way to execute a digital document. There are two main ways of doing this. One, the sender can use an e-signature that is then placed on the document before sending.

Sunbridge software has been selected for supporting Microsoft Dynamic AX covering 17 countries by Nasdaq

The quality that lies behind any product or service is the outcome of many hard-working people throughout the process. We have a huge list of start-ups coming every year with a technology that can change millions of lives or prove to be the next big thing in the line of evolution. Most of these start-ups even after having a huge potential somehow fail to create a foothold for themselves and there are a thousand different factors for the cause.

Design'N'Buy launches brand new All-in-one Designer V3.3

In a continued effort to be a leading web-to-print solutions provider, Design’N’Buy is excited to announce the launch of its brand new All-In-One Designer V3.3. Ideal for commercial printing companies, print brokers, and distributors, the All-In-One Designer offers a simplified ordering process for customers to buy and sell customized merchandise online.

Want To Send A Quick Fax? Try Mobile Fax From iFax

Often it has been observed that when in a situation wherein a business or company is on a deadline and needs to send documents quickly or in bulk quantity, the traditional fax machine has failed undoubtedly. Online fax service can come to rescue.

RPA can change the face of Customer Support

Customer service is an essential part of almost all businesses and automating processes can make a huge difference to the industry on the whole. Driven primarily by the changes in consumer behaviour and the need to streamline complicated workflows, businesses have started investing their time and capital in automation. The multiple workflows and challenges faced in customer support services make it perfect for RPA to take over.

Exceptionally Secure Internet Fax Services: iFax App

Security has always remained a concern in any sector especially for the business operations carried out online. In faxing industry, where primarily the documents transmitted contains confidential information and hence, need not rely on the conventional fax machine. Thanks to online fax services.

Sunbridge Software Services Inc. Announces Multi-Year Deal with USA's Leading Restaurant Chain

Sunbridge software services has signed the contract with the multi-channel restaurant chain company in America for over three years. Apart from deploying the software and making sure that it runs seamlessly, Sunbridge will also offer customer support even after the operation is complete.

SynapseIndia becomes a top Microsoft Cloud service provider

SynapseIndia has become a top Microsoft Cloud service provider by transforming businesses of thousands of diverse enterprises across the world. The company is known for leveraging Microsoft cloud technologies to solve complex business problems of SMEs, startups and large enterprises. Businesses prefer to avail AWS and Azure solutions of SynapseIndia due to high flexibility, cost-effectiveness and agility. The company has successfully fulfilled the diverse cloud computing requirements of various industry verticals including retail & wholesale, manufacturing, real estate, healthcare, travel & hospitality, etc.

SynapseIndia empowers Finance Industry with top software solutions

SynapseIndia has transformed the finance industry by providing the best-in-class financial software, web and mobile app development solutions. The company has developed custom software for accounting, financial planning, insurance, tax preparation, etc. Besides software, the company has built thousands of web applications, websites, mobile apps, intranet portals and much more.