Hosted PBX Advantages: Lower Costs and Improve Business Features

imageThere can be several benefits of hosted PBX for your business. learn all about the different hosted PBX advantages. We’re living in a time when 65% of customers still prefer to contact a business by phone. Thus, not giving your business’ phone system the attention it deserves would be a mistake. And while there is a variety of phone systems out there, nothing can give a small business the phone edge it deserves more than a hosted PBX system. If you are wondering what exactly a PBX phone system is, and what are the hosted PBX advantages it can offer your organisation, keep on reading.

Help! my phone’s been hacked

mbv539 help my phone s been hacked

Hacking in some form has been around for a long time, even before the internet. Due to the length of time it has been around, there have also been many security measures developed to protect systems from being hacked.

Selecting a VoIP Provider

How to pick the top VOIP Provider What comes first? The hardware, software or the provider? Choose the best provider and the chances are good, you will get top hardware, software and services.