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VoIP Terminology - Learn the Language

mbv510 voip terminology learn the language
Every industry, every profession has its own terminology, its own acronyms and all too often those in the know forget ordinary Joe does not understand the lingo.

So for every Joe out there, here is a dictionary but not in alphabetical order, more order of importance.
As this is about Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP, let’s start there.

This is the technology which transmits voice over the internet as digital data just like text and digital images.  It starts as voice and when it gets to the other end, it is reconverted to voice, hence you and the person at the other end can understand each other.

Internet Protocol - IP
This protocol is the set of rules which defines how data packets should be moved between the origin and the destination.  It is the language computers use to communicate over the Internet.

This is a device that transmits and receives data over the plain old telephone system's (POTS) analogue lines.

This is a device which acts as an interface between two computer networks. 

They connect networks together.
Note:   You can and most likely have a combined Modem/Router

This is the possible volume of data which can be transmitted via a communication line in a fixed amount of time.  It is usually referred to in “bits per second” (bps) for digital purposes.  When enquiring about VoIP you will most likely be asked what bandwidth you currently have in your office, well if the provider knows their stuff you will be asked.

Kilobits per second indicates how fast the data transfer is and relates to the router and modem you currently use.  The speed will determine the call quality you will experience.

A codec is software which is used to compress or decompress a digital file.  In terms of audio compression, the Codec used will determine the call quality you will experience.  For example My Business Voice uses G711a which provides excellent quality.

IP Phone
An IP Phone or Voice over IP phone is a device used to make phone calls over the internet.  It is either stand-alone like traditional phones (and looks like one) or it is connected to a PBX.  Instead of being connected to a phone jack on the wall it is connected to a router.

This is a software application installed on a PC and uses VoIP to make voice calls over the internet.  You do need a microphone and speakers or a headset to use this effectively, which is great when you are travelling.

Public Switched Telephone Network, this is the old copper wire network which is being slowly replaced by the NBN and it goes hand-in-hand with POTS…………..

Private Branch eXchange which is a telephone switching system which connects telephone extensions to each other in-house and to the outside telephone network.

Cloud Computing
This is outsourcing.  It is storing and accessing data and programs over the Internet instead of your computer's hard drive.

Hosted PBX
Your PBX which is outsourced and generally hosted in a datacentre in the Cloud where it can be managed via a web browser.  You no longer need all that equipment taking a floor space in the office.

There is of course, a lot more to VoIP but these are the basics to get the conversation started and a few hints on what you need to supply to a provider when you are talking about VoIP for your business.

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